Help with Writing Statistics Research Project

If you are undertaking a statistics related course, you are probably likely to come across the requirement to complete a statistics research project as partial fulfilment of the course. This task is not easy. However, first, let us define it.

A statistics project is an assignment that involves the student having the student answer a research question using statistical data. There are various types of statistical projects according to the different disciplines they are part of. For example, a business statistics project combines the branches of business and statistics.

There are different forms of statistics that we should define. Real-time statistics are derived from the real-time and ever-changing environment. Hence a real time statistics project is likely to involve data that is constantly changing from the influence of different factors.

Applied statistics project, on the other hand, involves having the problem summarised by the analysis of data. It involves breaking down the problems that have uncertainty to provide the solution by the use of numbers.

Dealing with statistics projects demands a lot of time skills and patience from a student in order to achieve success. This means that students are likely to result in seeking assistance with statistics projects than handling them on their own.

In this text, we have provided some of the essential tips or guidelines that students can use while dealing with their statistics projects to ease the process and also earn them good results.

A Little About Project Management Statistics

Project failure and success can be determined by several factors. Project failure statistics are used to accurately narrow down the causes of the failure of a project by use of surveys to get to the root causes and therefore help improve the success rate in the future.

Project management entails the initialisation, planning, control, and execution of a team in order to achieve the goals that have been set out. The goal of project management is to ensure that the goals are achieved according to the time allocated.

Project management statistics, therefore, illustrate the influence of the controlled factors in the success of a project. Over the years, there have been several trends when it comes to project the management statistics. For example, only 2.5% of companies achieve complete success in 100% of the projects they set out.

Another interesting fact is that there is an average of 27% cost overrun for all projects. This means that projects eat into a significant portion of the budget. Hence one should always form their budgets realistically. Management should always be sensitive to the budget and always avoid any sloppiness.

Communication is essential in a budget, and a survey in the ’90s was conducted and revealed that 57% of the failed projects are as a result of poor communication.

Finally, one of the most notable statistics in Project management is that planning translates to the success or failure of projects. 39% of failed projects are as a result of poor planning by the project managers.

Guide to Writing a Statistics-based Research Project

Any form of writing in college and higher education levels has to adhere to a certain structure. Statistical projects are no exceptions. A simple structure needs to contain the following elements.

The statement of the problem

This is where a student introduces the problem. The problem is what the research is aimed at solving. The student is supposed to provide the background information to the project and why it is important. The student has to show the concern that the problem raises on an intellectual level and hence why scientific research is required. One can provide a practical example of the effects reflected by the problem.

Literature Review

This is where a student should summarise the results from findings from previous researchers on the related topic. Include at least a previous study that is related to that area to emphasise the importance of the research. Do not use outdated research. Literature reviews are derived from both primary and also secondary sources. The sources should be indicated according to the citation formats instructed.

The Research design

Here, a researcher is supposed to describe the methods that they intend to use while collecting data. This is essential in a statistics project proposal since it will determine whether the results that will be derived will be valid. For example, one can indicate the use of questionnaires and then provide insight as to why this is the right method to use for the study.


This is where the researcher provides the expectations of the research. The hypothesis should be able to invite possible falsification. The researcher should understand the research properly to enable them to see the connections between different concepts the theory of the researcher and develop proper ways of operationalising them while developing the hypothesis.

The analysis

This is easily one of the most crucial parts of the paper, especially in descriptive statistics project. The researcher compiles the results of their study and presents them to the reader. The representation is done in the form of various data representations tools such as tables, pie charts, scatter diagrams and bar charts. Bar charts a great form of making comparisons. In this section, the researcher is advised to stick to simple language to ensure that the reader can easily understand and navigate their work.

The Conclusion

This is the final section of the paper and involves winding up. The researcher is supposed to start by reminding the reader of the problem from the beginning of the paper. Then, they are supposed to give the relationship between the study undertaken the objectives at the start. This is where one is supposed to share any weaknesses in their research to invite further studies. The conclusion should serve to bring closure. It should, however, not be too long.

When dealing with statistics projects students have to avoid some reasons that may be causing their failure in the field. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Poor selection of the topic. The topic you choose can easily determine how well you will succeed in your project. Some students take on complex topics that end up being too difficult for them in the long run. Choose a topic that you are comfortable with.
  • Lack of proper preparation. Always gather all the materials you need and all your sources in order.
  • Inadequate documentation and tracking
  • Clumsiness in defining parameters or even failing to properly define and create the proper parameters.
  • Failing to edit and proofread the work after completion. Proofreading helps remove the minor errors you may have made when writing
  • Poor citations of the sources. Since you have to provide the sources for your supporting literature, failing to cite your sources accurately might cost you dearly.

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