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Are you currently looking at landing that dream job you have had your eye on for a while? Or, are you perhaps fresh out of college and currently searching for your first job? If so, you will know that finding a new position in today’s competitive job market is no game. Candidates over 50 years of age find they are increasingly becoming less appealing to prospective employers, whereas those who have just graduated are overlooked because of their lack of experience. Even professionals who are experts in their fields are finding it increasingly challenging to find new employment.

However, the fact remains that many people are still landing top jobs daily. What may very well distinguish a successful candidate from those who are vying for the same position, is a well-written and cleverly-formatted resume. At UK GradeMiners we offer professional and efficient resume writing services. Ordering a striking and well-formatted resume on our resume writing websites will go a long way in landing you the job of your dreams.

Why You Need Resume Help

Although your professional experience and qualifications are undoubtedly important, it is crucial to present a great resume when applying for a job. Prospective employers are probably receiving 100s, if not 1000s, of job applications for available positions. If your resume is difficult to read, filled with unnecessary information, or looks like countless other resumes, it is very likely that an employer will just skim over your resume and then discard it.

For this reason, it makes sense to acquire resume help from professionals that are well-versed in effective resume writing. Here we have been writing resumes for many years and are better at what we do than most other resume writing companies. We boast a team of professional writers that have stayed abreast of the latest trends and developments. As such, we are committed to creating each client a customised resume that:

  • Reflects only the necessary and relevant information in a succinct way.
  • Boasts a modern and eye-catching design.
  • Demonstrates that the candidate is a good fit for the company.
  • Highlights the value the candidate can add to the company.

Our writers also adhere to best SEO practices, which means that they do web research to ascertain what the most important keywords are a prospective employer may scan for in a resume in order to include these when creating your document.

The Resume Writing Help We Offer

We strive to offer a professional and easily-accessible resume-writing service to our clients. Whether you need help with writing a basic resume or require a specialised resume at expert level, our team of experienced resume writers will be able to deliver.

For your convenience we have made it as effortless as possible to order a resume: all you need to do is order our resume writing services online, and we’ll automatically create a user account for you. We will then send you the login details, after which you can access your account as needed.

If you need assistance at any time during the process, a 24/7 customer support service is available to you. We will supply you with information and address any issues you may be experiencing as a matter of urgency. You will also be informed via mail or message every time a milestone—such as being assigned a writer, or when your order has been completed—is achieved. In this way, you will remain informed of all developments during the project.

Do You Need a Resume Editor?

Even if you think your resume is up-to-date and in a good format, it is advisable to hand it to a professional resume editor who will give it an objective glance and scan it for any possible issues. This is especially pertinent if you are fresh out of college and searching for your first job, as you will not necessarily be aware of how to write your resume properly.

What sets our resume writing company apart from other resume writing firms is that we will also supply you with a cover letter. It is vital that this letter of introduction is written well, as a prospective employer is likely to decide whether to read your resume based on this document. To this end, we will supply you with a polished and individualised cover letter that will sufficiently demonstrate your interest in the organization, as well as why you are a suitable candidate for the position in question.

Our Team of Talented Writers

If you ask us for resume writing help, you will be provided with a professional and experienced resume writer. Our team of writers consists of academics that either holds their Masters, are busy completing their PhDs or have obtained their doctoral degrees. All our writers are native English speakers, or are completely fluent in the language, and are also subjected to rigorous testing before they are accepted as a member of our writing team.

Our writers are experts in a variety of fields that range from Humanities to Finance to Medicine to Science. To this end, we will assign you a writer who is proficient in your specific field, in this way ensuring that your resume is written as professionally as possible.

Your writer will submit your cover letter and resume through CopyScape to check for possible instances of plagiarism before job completion, as we are aware of the dire consequences should we provide you with plagiarized content. After the writer has completed your resume, it will be sent to our experienced team of editors who will scan the document for any grammatical, spelling, or grammar mistakes.

Do You Need a College Resume?

We do not only offer our resume-writing services to candidates looking for employmen but also provide a writing and editing service to high-school students who need to write a striking college resume. This document forms and important part of the college application process, as it contains information regarding your academic and other achievements and will be used to gauge whether you’re a suitable candidate for the college or university. A well-composed resume will provide an excellent first impression and will go a long way in helping you gain entry into the tertiary institution of your choice.

Other Services We Offer

Apart from offering the best resume writing service around, we also boast many other writing services. Our excellent team of writers can provide you with the following:

  • Theses/Dissertations;
  • School essays;
  • Assignments;
  • Course work;
  • PowerPoint presentations;
  • Lab reports;
  • Proposals;
  • Admission essays;
  • Annotated bibliographies;
  • Term papers;
  • Research papers.

Apart from our writing services, we furthermore provide our clients with editing and proofreading services.

As we realize that time is a scarce commodity in today’s world, our writers boast excellent turnaround times. An average essay or resume will be ready within 3-24 hours after you have placed the order. More complex and lengthy documents take slightly longer to complete, to afford our writers enough time to conduct proper research. For this reason, research papers are completed within 24-48 hours, and dissertations take about 5-7 days to write.

A Super-Affordable Writing Service

As a large percentage of our clientele are students, we realize that money is always a consideration. That is why we do not only offer professional resume writing services but also offer these at affordable rates, starting from as little as $11.85 per page.

Rates are not only based on the complexity of the writing task but are also calculated according to the time you give us to complete the project. It is thus advisable to place your order with us in good time. This will also afford you the opportunity to make use of the unlimited free revision service we offer for a two-week period after job completion. We also offer our valued clients the following:

  • A free title and reference page.
  • Free samples for your perusal on our website.
  • A free preferred writer.
  • Free notifications and messages.

We want to stress that if any client is not satisfied with the end product by the end of the two-week revision period, we will reimburse him or her with the full amount paid.

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Have you ever thought: “I wish a professional could write my resume”? At UK GradeMiners we offer a wide range of resume-writing services that range from resume writing for beginners to college resumes to specialised and expert resumes. Regardless of what kind of resume you require, leave this important task in the hands of our capable and experienced team of writers. A well-constructed and striking resume is the first step in landing you the job of your dreams. Let us help you on your road to success.