Paraphrasing Tool Increases Essay’s Originality by 17% in Less Than 3 Minutes

You can’t do without paraphrasing in any academic assignment’s completion. When you receive a home task, it naturally includes some guidance on using sources and citing materials from them as evidential support for your claims. Moreover, it’s hard to invent something fundamentally new, something of which nobody ever thought and wrote before. Therefore, anything we write is, in essence, a rewrite of some other people’s thoughts and ideas, their creative combination, and interpretation.

You might often come across text fragments that express your opinion and idea entirely, and you think, “that’s exactly what I wanted to say.” Is a situation familiar to you? Why not copy that text and insert it into your paper then? Why write it again by hand if there is a ready-made reflection of your opinion?

That’s what plagiarism means – taking other people’s WORDS and saying that they are yours. With the rise of digital copyright some time ago, everything people write and publish, either on paper or online, is subject to legal protection, so you cannot use fragments of text with officially recorded authorship without credit to the original author.

What to do in cases when you share an opinion similar to that of the authors but cannot use it? The answer is – making your text unique with the best paraphrasing tool we offer. By utilising it, you will always make your texts authentic and non-plagiarised, while still using the original version that you liked.

Why Is Paraphrasing Plagiarism in Your Essay Important?

The worst nightmare of all students is Turnitin. This automated software that all academic institutions now use recognises any kind of plagiarism, no matter how small and insignificant your copy-paste was. It shows all fragments of your essay or research paper that you copied from the supportive sources and gives the percentage of text that is plagiarised. Most academic establishments tolerate the degree of plagiarism below 10% – we are all humans, after all, and cannot paraphrase plagiarism entirely. More than that, students often use direct quotes from sources and give proper credit to them, while Turnitin still recognises such directly copied text as plagiarism.

If the amount of copied text exceeds 10%, this usually results in grade deductions and even severe penalties from the supervisor. Most likely, you will be offered to retake the assignment with an initially lower grade than possible. In worst cases, you may fail an entire course because of one plagiarised paper. The stakes are too high to neglect paraphrasing quotes, aren’t they? So, it’s high time to seek more effective solutions and find a useful paraphrasing tool that will raise the uniqueness of your paper, saving you from academic trouble.

Why do tutors pay so much attention to plagiarism and punish it so severely? Opinions differ, as well as the degree of tolerance you can meet among academic institutions and instructors regarding the issue. Some say that copying several lines is OK and won’t be punished, while copying of larger chunks of texts, figures, or visuals without giving credit to their origin means a literal theft of intellectual property and is prosecuted in academic circles. Others say that plagiarism is generally non-acceptable under any circumstances, so it’s improper to copy even a couple of words or a sentence without giving credit to the author. However, most tutors agree on the following:

  • In most cases, when they detect plagiarism in the papers of their students, the latter are unaware that they have committed some illegal, dishonest act. That happens simply because they have poor paraphrasing skills or have copied the text unintentionally, thinking that giving credit to a source is a good ground for copying and pasting some parts of it.
  • Plagiarism is highly commonplace among students, but it’s also effortless to identify, occurring mostly in the papers of ESL students who have a poor command of English and cannot rephrase and rewrite ideas creatively.

So, if you are a non-native English speaker and your writing is normally not too brilliant, your supervisor will definitely be surprised to find some sentences written in flawless English, with complex grammatical and syntactic structures and with no errors at all. Rather than copy the parts of the text in such a way and risking to get a failing grade because of plagiarising, maybe it’s better to use the paraphrasing tool and make the paper entirely your own?

This Is the Best Paraphrasing Tool That British Students Use

Here you will find a highly useful and creative English paraphrasing tool to save your grade for any paper, even the most plagiarised one. It is totally free of charge, and you may use it many times to achieve the optimal outcome. The main thing is to watch the content so that the tool does not change the meaning of core concepts, thus altering the overall sense of the text. That may often happen if you run several uniqueness improvements, and the paraphrasing app starts choosing looser synonyms to the main words.

Thousands of students use our app every day for the following reasons:

  • Lack of time for a thorough proofreading and careful rewording of all borrowed text fragments from external sources;
  • Poor understanding of the English text structure and ways of rewriting the text originally (mainly topical for ESL students);
  • Lack of funds for ordering human proofreading and paraphrasing services.

In all of these cases, our paraphrasing tool online is precisely what you need for the successful passage of the Turnitin check. The principle underlying the system is straightforward – the program rewords some parts of the sentences and substitutes notional words with their closest synonyms. As a result, you don’t lose the meaning of the overall text, but get a unique article in return.

Need a UK English Paraphrasing Tool Now? We’ve Got It for You

If you are searching for an efficient paraphrasing tool, UK users can utilise for their convenient and quick rework of borrowed textual parts. Then our app is precisely what you need right now. Without any extra trouble and worry, completely free of charge, you can use the tool to make your texts unique and Turnitin-proof.

Most tutors agree that copying other people’s ideas and even phrases from external sources is standard academic practice. You usually have to take information somewhere. Otherwise, your academic assignments will be highly subjective, opinionated, and most often lacking any substantial evidence to stand objections and criticism. Using the paraphrasing referencing app may save you from the failing grade in emergencies, though. Academic supervisors claim that when copying from other sources, you may learn the language better and improve your command of English, learn new words and syntactic structures, and overall gain a better understanding of how correct texts are made. However, if you copy much text and do not give any credit to the sources you consulted, that means taking someone else’s belongings, which is not a fair practice. Imagine that you see someone take your essay from your desk and submitting it to a tutor as if it is their work. Would you be happy to have your assignment stolen? We bet you wouldn’t! So, if you treat plagiarism the same way, you will understand how important it is to manage resources fairly and report all instances of their use.

Experts recommend conducting effective paraphrasing in many ways:

  • By finding synonyms to the meaningful words that are not key in the text as changing the key concepts and terms may change the sense of the phrase overall. Target the verbs, adverbs, and adjectives in the sentences to make them look different but without losing the general sense of the words.
  • By changing parts of speech and sentence structures (it’s useful to make noun phrases look different via the use of verbs or by substituting nouns with appropriate adjectives.)
  • Nouns and pronouns may be changed in number (singular and plural) with proper changes in the rest of the sentence.
  • Alterations in style (formal and informal) will also make the text look distinct.

Use these tips to make paraphrasing effective and never to get caught on plagiarism.

Use the Paraphrasing Tool Online to Decrease Plagiarism Percentage Fast

Because we provide a professional paraphrasing tool to our users, you can obtain an improved text within instants. Just insert the text you wish to make original into the box and click “PARAPHRASE” – the work will be done instantly. As a result, you get a completely different, deeply reworded text that no tutor will suspect of plagiarism. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Every time you need to change the plagiarised parts of your text, and there are only minutes before the submission deadline, visit our paraphrasing site to get quick and practical help. Though this solution cannot be used on a constant basis as a way of producing high-quality academic works most of the time, we recommend more careful paraphrasing and rework of the borrowed parts for a high grade and tutor’s appraisal with the help of our paraphrasing service.