Tips for a Stellar Dissertation Literature Review Structure

When you are in college, it gets to a point where you are expected to write a dissertation. The content to write in this academic piece should be your independent research. The point of the professors issuing these tasks is to ascertain if you can contribute to knowledge that can be used in solving the problems that are in society. Apart from the content being unique, it should also be written in a way that the professor and the general readers can comprehend it.

The writing process begins right when you decide on the subject that you want to write on. Therefore, do not opt for a common topic if you want to produce a stellar piece. Always ensure that the topic is relevant, it addresses an issue that affects society, and it can be covered within the volume of your dissertation. Moreover, ensure that it is a topic that you are passionate about, and you have the motivation to research it. Do not forget about the sources of information. Ensure that it is something you can easily get content on as you set out to defend your point of view.

It is also important to note that a dissertation has many sections. The parts include the introduction, literature review, introduction, methodology, and results, among others. All these sections have to be in synchrony. For this part, the main focus is the preparation of the literature review dissertation. Many students do not have an idea on how to write this part of the dissertation or its importance in the whole piece.

There are those who often ask, what is the dissertation proposal literature review? What is the appropriate length of this part of the dissertation? What outline should one use in its preparation? If you are among those who are not sure of what do, you need to read the tips that are in this text. If you still need more assistance, you can always get our writing experts to assist you with tasks like these.

Writing a Literature Review for a Dissertation Perfectly

If you are facing dissertation tasks for the first time, it may be a bit challenging. You need to understand the basics before you begin the writing itself. A literature review is written at the beginning of the dissertation. It is this section that dictates the overall outline of the whole dissertation. In this part, you are expected to explore and summarise the other journals, books, and pieces that have been prepared in your subject area. Though it may not be possible to read all the available books, you should demonstrate to the professor that you have read widely and your research is not just based on hearsay.

When writing a literature review for a dissertation, you need to bring out the current stand as far as your field is concerned. Pick on the reputable authors and expound on their viewpoint on the important issues that are in your field. Clearly outline where the opinions have changed and what has caused that change in the way people view the issue. Moreover, your review should not simply be a summary of what the others have said. You also have to offer a critique of those matters. In other words, the review should give a comprehensive background on your research and show the readers the relevance of your dissertation in improving on the knowledge that people currently have.

What should determine your dissertation literature review structure? How you structure this section depends on your preference and the instructions from the professor. Before you begin writing, you determine the structure in advance so that you can write flawlessly. However, there are various approaches that you can take. First, you can decide to go chronologically. Here, you trace the developments that have taken place in the topic with time. Do not just give a list of the sources you have used in with the years. Carefully assess the pattern, how the opinions changed, and the debates that took place before the opinion change. Additionally, you give a personal interpretation of the reasons that may have led to the developments.

Where there are specific recurrent themes that are addressed in the subject area, you can make your literature into subsections where the various issues are exhaustively discussed. For instance, if you are writing a dissertation on the factors that increase the rate of economic growth you can subdivide it into the various sectors such as agriculture, industry, and tourism when writing a good literature review for a dissertation. You can also write the review in terms of the theories available or the methods used to research in a different field. The goal is to ensure your content is properly organized. Always consult your professor on the best way to write the section. Our experts can always offer help in case you require assistance.

The length of the critical literature review dissertation varies depending on the topic you are handling and the directive given by your professor. The general rule dictates that the length of this part of the dissertation should not be between 20% to 25% of the length of the whole dissertation. However, you should ensure that the review covers all the critical areas and be custom-made to fit your exact research. If you notice that your review is too short, check and add the details that you may have forgotten. On the other hand, if it is too long, delete the unnecessary details that you have included in the piece. For those who still cannot write it, it is advisable to get dissertation literature review help. At our company, some experts can assist.

More Masters Dissertation Literature Review Tips

There are still more ways of ensuring that you present the best piece for grading. Here are guidelines you should never ignore:

Begin the Work the Earliest Possible

Most students assume that they have much time, and they can always begin the task at a later time. However, they later realize that work is a lot when they begin doing it. At that time, it is usually late. The consequence is that they end up with a hurriedly prepared literature review that has contents that look haphazard, disorganized, and incomprehensible. The trick is to begin your work as soon as the professor issues it. That way, you can have time to consult the instructor on what to do in case you are stuck.

You also have to plan. Determine the relevant sources. Allocate the time to assess the information collected and ensure that you have time to proofread the masters dissertation literature review.

Use Credible Sources and Research Extensively

A shallow literature review pisses off the professor. It means that you do not have adequate knowledge of the issues surrounding your area of study. You need to get sources prepared by authors that have a proper grasp of the issues. Ensure that you do not take the outdated sources.

Moreover, take time and assess the content thoroughly. Find out exactly why the authors maintain a particular standpoint and prepare on how to question their stance. Every criticism should be based on facts and not hearsay.

Use Comprehensible Language in Your Review

A dissertation is an academic paper. As a rule stipulates, you should use formal language. That means that you should not be viewed as biased or insolent. Additionally, it is inappropriate to use contractions. In cases where you use abbreviations, ensure that you explain them to the users. The language should be simplified for any reader to follow your content. Just like for other papers, the dissertation literature review outline should have a proper introduction, properly cited body content, and an attractive conclusion.

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