Presenting the Dissertation Results Perfectly

Dissertations are supposed to contain independent researches. The readers should be persuaded that you have an idea of what you are doing. It is the results that you obtain from either the primary or the secondary sources that give the answers to the research questions. There are different things you can obtain the results. There are those who conduct surveys or take measurements. In this case, you collect primary data. There are those who decide to use secondary data from books and other publications. It is upon you to choose what works based on the dissertation topic you have to write on.

The results section comes after the preparation of the literature review part and the methodology. You may start wondering if you are doing the right thing as you prepare this section. All the professor wants to see are a clear presentation of facts. Whether the results support or contradict your claims, you should still present them. To make them more believable, you need to include the exact sources you have obtained these results from.

If you have any confusion on how to present these results, it is advisable that you review the questions that are to be answered. While there are those students who find this part easy to write, the majority of them have no idea where to begin the work. Fortunately, this article presents the processes that you need to follow to obtain the best results section. At the same time, our company has professional writers who can also help. Therefore, do not let your confusion prevent you from preparing the best dissertation.

The Best Sources of Results for a Dissertation

Even before you embark on the process of searching for the results, you need to know what you are dealing with. There are two types of dissertations that you can be directed to write. They include theoretical dissertations and experimental dissertations. When dealing with the experimental dissertation, you are expected to come up with information from primary sources. For the theoretical dissertation, you research existing records. However, you have to do extensive research in both cases to have the surety of a good grade. The sources that are mostly used include journals, manuscripts, and government publications.

When you obtain your information from the primary sources, you get first-hand information since you are the one in control of the type of informants you deal with. For example, if you are researching domestic violence, you can interview the victims yourself and even get clarifications for the responses that seem unclear. The fact that primary sources give new information to make them believable. On the other hand, secondary information is obtained from what already exists. They are not biased since the researcher has to work with them the way the results are presented.

When you have credible results, your dissertation results section is also credible. Using unreliable sources make your dissertation questionable. In the process, your knowledge of the subject area also comes under serious scrutiny. The first place to rely on is the university library. Use the catalogue to help you locate the exact information you need. The librarian can also help you get the best publications that can help you in the dissertation.

The other common information source is the internet. There are government documents that can help you with the results you need. However, you have to confirm the authenticity of the information you find online. The best way is to use trustworthy websites to ensure that you do not use misleading information.

Before you use any given source, ensure that your fundamental questions are answered. These include the issues of the credibility of the source author, the reliability of the website, the reasons for writing the information, and the drive behind the preparation of the information obtained. Only reputable organizations and authors can assist with the information you need for the dissertation. Do not be in a hurry to get the results. Be cautious as to what you use. If you are unsure about how to write this part, we can help you.

Organizing the Dissertation Results Chapter

As you begin your work on this section, you need to know that you are not expected to discuss the meaning of the data you have. The discussion of the results has its section. Just present the results in a way that the professor can follow. The first step is to organize the information available. Determine the parts of the data that are crucial in answering the research questions. Sort all the data.

The readers should not be overwhelmed as they read your results section. Sorting the information is to ensure that you only provide them with what they need. However, you can add data that support your viewpoint as well as what contradicts your perspective. Where there is a need to include the raw data, ensure you avail it.

When writing results section dissertation, make sure it is easy to read. Since, there is much information that the reader needs to grasp within a short time, include necessary graphics and quotes. The results section also has tables and text. Prepare all these parts of the results properly. Ensure that the reader can tell the theme associated with a given data by including subheadings for each result section. If you did a survey, you could group the various people into demographic sections.

The results should begin with the data that is most important and write the ones that are less important later. Even with a brief look at your paper, the reader should already know how these results answer the research questions.

Expertly prepared tables and figures also do a good job in conveying the results. When it comes to the tables, ensure you have relevant columns and rows. The other figures can be in the form of graphs. There should be a description below every figure on what the figure contains.

Important Writing Tips You Need

In this section. Ensure that you keep things simple. It is advisable that you use the past tense. Though these may be cases of passive voice, the requirement is that you write a bulk of the information in the active voice. At the same time, do not overcrowd the figures with words when the readers can understand the dissertation results the way they are.

Even if there is information that is not in support of the hypothesis you have, you are still required to include it. Write them, and when explaining in the discussion section, inform the readers why you had the negative results. It is the contradictory results that help you prepare a more objective dissertation.

Avoid confusion when it comes to the figures. For example, do not present a table as a graph or the other way around. The reader should be persuaded that you understand exactly what you are doing. Factuality is a crucial issue in this case.

The length of the section is determined by the data type and how it is presented. If there is any special thing that you are confused if you should write, consult your professor. Otherwise, we can also help out when you are stuck.

Lastly, ensure that you confirm if you have properly written the figures. If there is anything incorrect, edit it. When you finish the results section, take a short break. You can then go through the entire dissertation and confirm that there is consistency. It is also advisable to confirm if there is a logical flow in the information contained in the data.

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