What You Need to Know About Writing a Dissertation Methodology

You cannot complete a dissertation if you do not have a methodology chapter. It is the middle section of a dissertation, and it gives directions on how you will conduct the study. Therefore, you need to be careful when writing a dissertation methodology because it will play a major role in determining the marks that the professor will award you. To be able to write this chapter, you need to know the meaning of a methodology, the parts that it should have and how to write them accurately. Understanding more about how to write a methodology will help you in selecting appropriate methods for the study. And if you cannot get time to learn how to do it, you can ask for our dissertation methodology help.

First Understand What Is a Research Methodology Dissertation

This chapter should come after the literature review. It is a plan of how you will conduct the research. The research methodology dissertation, for example, determines the philosophy that the study will adopt. You should explain the available philosophies and then state the reason for selecting one of them. This chapter also explains the methods you will use to collect data. There are numerous methods that you can use in a dissertation proposal methodology; therefore, you should give reasons for selecting the one that you will use.

Sections of a Methodology Chapter Dissertation

Just like other chapters of a thesis, a methodology must be divided into sections. Your college may give you the structure of this chapter if they have one. Below are some of the parts you have to include in this section.

Research Design

Research design is a strategy of how you will conduct the study. The research design that you select determines the other methods for the study. For example, the design helps in selecting a method or methods of collecting data. There are three main designs, and they include descriptive, experimental, quasi-experimental, and correlational. If you are studying courses related to business and management, you will most likely use descriptive design. You must explain its meaning and give reasons for selecting this type of plan. Explain whether the study will be qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods. Mixed methods involve the use of both qualitative and quantitative strategies to get an in-depth analysis of the topic. Students in the health sciences mostly use experimental. You cannot choose more than one research design in the methodology section of dissertation.

Type of Data That the Study Will Collect

The methodology also determines the type of data that you will collect. Will you use primary or secondary data? Primary data is the one that you collect for the first time. Secondary data, on the other hand, has already been published in articles, trade journals, and books. You borrow from what other researchers collected while undertaking their studies. Why have you chosen to use these types of data? Give explanations for picking one or both of these types of data. For example, if you are limited by time, you can give this as a reason in the methodology chapter dissertation.

Method You Will Use to Collect Data

There are numerous methods of collecting data. If you are collecting primary data, some of the methods you can use include surveys, observation, and interviews. Sometimes, you may combine two methods so that the data you collect may be detailed. Therefore, you need to give the meaning of each of these methods and why you choose them for your undergraduate dissertation methodology.

If you are doing a case study of an organization, you should select a dissertation case study methodology. For example, you can use observation and interviews. You can then state that interviews will help in collecting the views of participants while observation will aid you in accumulating data that individuals do not disclose. The two methods complement each other; the observation technique validates the findings you collect through interviews. Such an explanation will convince the reader that you needed to use more than one method in the research.

How You Will Analyse and Present Data

In the dissertation methodology outline, you must have a section on data analysis and presentation. The method of analysis depends on the type of data you have collected. For example, if you have primary data and your study is quantitative, it means you have to use software for the analysis. You can use either MS Excel or SPSS to do the analysis. Whichever software you select, indicate the version, and explain some of the statistical measures you will use. For example, will you conduct frequency, mean, standard deviation, and regression analysis? Remember to write the full names of the software in the abbreviations part of the thesis.

If your study is based on secondary data, then you have to select an analysis method that is capable of examining this type of information. For example, you can use thematic analysis where you identify themes in your data. If you have a theory that you have based on your research, then ensure that it reflects in the theoretical dissertation methodology.

Why Ethical Considerations Is a Critical Part of the Methodology

Before you indulge in writing a law dissertation methodology or any other subject, you need to be aware of ethical considerations. You should know ethics before you start writing the first chapter. It is always implied that you have to follow these considerations when conducting your study. However, you need to recognize the morals that you have followed in the third chapter. Some of the ethical factors you may have include:

  • Consent

Consent is important when you are collecting primary data. You need to show that you did not force participants to provide you with data.

  • Privacy

Whether you are collecting primary or secondary data, you have to maintain privacy. This means securing personal details of respondents so that this information may not be accessed by individuals who may misuse it. You should explain the measures you are planning to undertake to ensure that the personal information of respondents remains private.

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an academic policy for all types of papers. You have to show how your study is avoiding plagiarism. For example, you can state that you have recognized previous authors by citing facts that you borrow from their studies. You should also explain that you have recognized these authors in the reference section of the dissertation.

  • Anonymity

This is another ethical consideration that you must recognize in the dissertation methodology when you are collecting first-hand information in the field.

If you are not sure how to explain the ethical considerations in the methodology, find help from dissertation writers who can do it professionally. It will save you from making mistakes that may lead to a poor grade.

How Long Should a Methodology Be?

This is the question that most students ask before starting the methodology chapter. While reading research methodology dissertation pdf online, you may notice that some of them are longer than the others. So, how do these studies determine the length of this chapter? Most colleges indicate the total word count for the dissertation, starting from the introduction to the conclusion chapter. These institutions may assign several words to each chapter, and you must follow the structure as it is provided. In this case, you need to follow the word count provided by your professor.

However, if your college has not indicated the word limit, there is a method you can use to determine the word count. Usually, this method requires the literature review and the analysis chapters to be 30% each. It makes up 60% of the total word count. It also means that 40% of the word count goes to the introduction, methodology, and conclusion. You may distribute the 40% the way you would like among these chapters. 10% or 15% of the remaining word count may be appropriate. It will allow you to have enough content for the other chapters of the report.

Should You Write a Conclusion for the Methodology?

It depends on the dissertation structure of your institution. If your college requires you to have one, you must write it. Some researchers choose to write limitations of the study as the last part of the methodology. If you do not have this section in the first or last chapter, you may write it in the procedure. Every study must have limitations. Hence, you must have at least one or two shortfalls, such as time or money.

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