Tips for Writing Hypothesis in Dissertation

As you write the dissertation, you should always remember that what matters is the quality of the content you present. Right from the process of choosing the topic, ensure that you are cautious. Moreover, the topic should be something you are passionate about to ensure that you come up with an impressive piece.

A hypothesis is a critical part of a dissertation. By the end of your research, you should have proven it right or wrong. From the onset, you should ensure that the hypotheses you write can be proven or disapproved based on your area of study.

While there are those who the section of where they write the hypothesis easy, the majority do not know where to put hypothesis in the dissertation, therefore, this text is aimed at shedding light on the various aspects of the hypothesis. By the end, you should know how to write your hypothesis. Moreover, we also have experts who can help you with the whole dissertation if you are unable to complete it on your own.

What Is a Hypothesis in Research Writing?

As a student, there are those things you already know in your area of research. There are also those things that the scholars say about the subject matter. These form part of your hypotheses. So, what is the clear definition of a hypothesis? This is an informed assumption of the relationships between two or more variables in research.

Developing the hypothesis is an important part of the dissertation writing process. Research is all about focus. You need to direct your writing effort in a given direction. It is the hypothesis that enables you to have the focus to find out what works. This is the exact reason why you need to have a clear dissertation. When you already have a specific path that you want your research to take, it is easier to finish it.

Different types of researches require varied approaches. When you have a hypothesis, it becomes easier for you to determine the technique that can work in your case. Therefore, you do not need to waste time as you try to come up with these techniques. Moreover, you are likely to get different observations in your research. Through the hypothesis, you can choose what works and what is inappropriate.

As you research, you also need a guide on what needs to be done. With the knowledge you have on the subject, you have a direction on what to do. Moreover, you know the exact type of data that is good for your paper. It is inappropriate to embark on the research when it is unclear what needs to be done. Therefore, the hypothesis is like the eyes of the investigator.

As you formulate the hypotheses, you are working with assumptions. As you do the research, you want to test how true these assumptions are. With the results you get from the field, you can get a link between the assumption you have and the facts.

Additionally, your research needs to be precise. If it is not, the results may be inaccurate. Because you already have a hypothesis, it is easier to be more accurate in your finding. That improves the quality of your dissertation.

The Different Hypothesis Types You Should Know

A dissertation hypothesis type is determined by how it is stated. The first is called a simple hypothesis. In this case, a relationship is drawn between two variables. The variables, in this case, are the independent and the dependent variables. It is the independent variable that causes a change in the dependent variable. One can state a hypothesis like, the higher the birth-rates, the more the unemployment rates in a country. In this case, the independent variable is the birth rate, and the dependent variable is the unemployment rate. The variables have a direct relationship.

There are also complex hypotheses. In that case, there is a relationship between more variables. An example is, high illiteracy and birth-rates lead to more crime. This hypothesis has three variables. Illiteracy and birth-rates are independent variables, while crime is a dependent variable.

The two types that are discussed above can also be called research hypotheses. This is because they state that there are relationships between variables. If a hypothesis is stated in a way that there is no relationship between variables, it is called a null hypothesis.

You can also find a hypothesis that gives the relationship between variables, but it is not clear in which direction the two variables differ. They are known as non-directional hypotheses. For example, when you say hours of watching television affect academic performance, there is no way the reader can tell the trend of the relationship between these variables.

When Do You Say You Have a Good Hypothesis?

There are some critical properties that dissertations should have. First, it should be brief. In this case, the researcher can find it easier to prove or disapprove it. There should be a given body of knowledge that informs it generation. No research is independent. There other research that have been done before and you need to build on them as you write your hypothesis.

Most importantly, a hypothesis should be specific. In other words, avoid the grand ideas as you formulate the dissertation. Make the whole of it simple so that the research you do can help prove it. Moreover, readers should understand your hypothesis easily. That means you should avoid technical terms and jargons.

The hypothesis should also be testable. After all, this is the main point of formulating it. In other words, the hypothesis should make it easy for the researcher and the readers to come up with other testable deductions. Moreover, there should be a specific time within which the hypothesis can be tested.

Sources of a Good Hypothesis for You

There are several places to find a hypothesis is you are not conversant with the issues of hypothesis in the dissertation. The first is looking at previous researches in your subject area. In a case where a researcher used the knowledge that previously existed on a phenomenon, you can apply the same in your case with a few modifications. For example, you can come across research with a hypothesis such as higher income leads to more savings in India. In such a case, you can remove the country and include your own country.

Personal experiences are also crucial when you want to formulate a hypothesis. If there is a social issue that you have observed, such as drug abuse and the rate of crime, you can formulate a hypothesis like, increase in drug abuse leads to an increase in crime rates.

As a researcher, you should also be creative enough to come up with ideas that can make up good hypotheses. The tip here is to ensure that what you come up with should not be too complex. Simplicity is always the way as you formulate given hypotheses.

Other Considerations When Formulating a Hypothesis

You need to write the hypothesis in a grammatically right format. Therefore, ensure that the sentences you use in the hypothesis are not ambiguous. Moreover, the phrases should be simple to understand even for the people who are not experts in your field. Avoid contractions or use of jargons that other people find hard to understand. In case there is an acronym that you have used, explain it to the professor.

More importantly, there should be a relationship between the other sections of the dissertation and the hypotheses. Therefore, you have to reread the whole dissertation after completing the work. Any inconsistencies should be corrected.

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