Basic Steps to Write an Effective Dissertation Discussion

You need to write a top-notch dissertation to stand a chance of getting a good grade. There are many things that the professors look at as they assess your dissertation. The grading begins with the topic that you have selected. If the subject is boring or the professor cannot tell its relevance to your area of study, you are destined to get a low grade. Therefore, you have to be careful as you select your subject.

Pick on something that you are sure you can write on perfectly. The next thing the instructors look at is how you have organized the content in your paper. They expect each section should be properly written such that the readers can easily follow and understand the message you intend to communicate. If any chapter is haphazard, getting that good grade may be a tall order.

Writing an Exquisite Dissertation Discussion Section

Out of all the parts a dissertation has, dissertation discussion is usually the longest. It is the part where you provide straight answers to your research questions. If you confuse yourself at any point, you put the overall quality of your dissertation at risk. There should be a correlation between the discussion part and the other sections of your dissertation.

As you write this part, ensure you do a thorough examination of the findings and deduce the conclusion. Readers should understand the exact intention of doing your research. Explain the readers the exact meaning of your finding. Writing this dissertation section may be intimidating, especially when you are preparing it for the first time. It is common to doubt if you can do it effectively. Where you are completely unsure of the components of your dissertation, it is proper to seek assistance from the professionals who have prepared these papers for long and have adequate experience in this area. Fortunately, we have writers who can assist you when you need a stellar dissertation.

Expertly Writing a Dissertation Discussion

At this point, you have already stated the hypothesis of your study, the study design is in place, and you have completed the data collection process. Moreover, you have analyzed and placed the data into different sections in the form of tables and graphs. However, you need to give meaning to your data. As soon as you begin your research, you should already have in mind the explanation you intend to give the professor in the dissertation discussion chapter.

What should you include in the discussion section? Begin by informing the professor of the main things you found out in your research. That is what comes first. You begin by restating the specific research problems that you set out to find answers for, a brief explanation of the investigation method and then follow with the major findings. In your explanation, be as direct as possible. At this point, do not write the exact data that you obtained in the research. The professor should know if there is any diversion from what you expected in the results. Explain the unexpected results. Besides, explain how these unexpected results affect the research problem.

The next stage is to give meaning to your findings as you explain why these findings are important. You are the one who has conducted the research. As such, explaining what your results mean should not be a problem. As you give this explanation, do not appear as if you are forcing the reader to take your stand on the issue. However, make the readers question themselves why they did not think that way before.

No study is independent. There has to be related research done previously. You should also draw the relationship that your results have to what other researchers have done. Since there may have been some questions that were raised by previous studies, explain to the readers how your research provides answers to those questions. Also, include some previous studies that support your findings to make your research more credible.

Since you are human, there are bound to be some weaknesses in your research. In the dissertation discussion section, be sure to acknowledge the weaknesses in your research. It is a way of telling the reader the areas that need improvement in case they need it in the future.

At the same time, your research may not provide all the answers. There are those areas that remain unanswered. Suggest the areas that need more research in the future. These are what the scholars refer to as the research gaps. Even the researches conducted by the prestigious institutions have them.

Finally, you need to give the readers a ‘take-away’ from your research. This is the part where you conclude the discussion section. The readers should have something to remember from your research.

Write the discussion in the form of a funnel. Begin with the general discussions as you go specific. Always link the findings you have obtained to what is contained in the literature review. The other guideline is to ensure that there is consistency in the verb and the key terms used. Additionally, do not use too many words to describe what you can say in a few words. At the same time, do not be repetitive.

What to Avoid in the Psychology Dissertation Discussion

The goal is to ensure that the discussion section is impressive. The first thing to avoid in this part is overinterpreting the data. It is tempting to give some explanations that are not supported by the data you have. It is important to deal exclusively with the data you have without adding anything else.

There is no room for speculations in the discussion section. For instance, if your research is about the sectors that spur economic growth in one country, do not speculate on how those sectors behave in a different country. You have to stay focused and discuss things in your country of focus.

Do not exaggerate the significance of your findings. Given the work you have done during the study, you may want the readers to have the impression that your work can be a huge pillar for the generations to come. Avoid the temptation to state more than your research has to offer. It is important to be modest as you write the psychology dissertation discussion. Professionalism is key.

More Tips for a Better Dissertation

As you can see, a qualitative dissertation backed by an impressive discussion section does not come easy. You need to put effort. Before writing a dissertation discussion, plan on the areas that you intend to address. When you have the content, it is easy to write flawlessly. For every idea you have, work on how to explain it appropriately.

Where there is anything unclear, it is good to seek an explanation from your professor. They have dealt with work of this nature before and have the experience to tell you exactly what needs to be done. There are also those students who understand things better than you do. Consult them as they have knowledge that they can share with you. At a personal level, do your research as well. Find out the components that you should not miss in your dissertation. At the same time, read the instructions that come with the dissertation question. It is easy to write a good dissertation when you understand the requirements. Otherwise, it is also good to get dissertation discussion help from professional writers.

Finally, it is important to proofread your completed work diligently. Ensure that the discussion section relates to the other parts of your paper. The language used should also be formal and grammatically correct. Besides, correct all the cases of repetition and the overuse of a phrase.

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