Are You Writing a Dissertation Abstract? Here Is How to Do It Professionally

An abstract is the first thing that an examiner should see when reading your dissertation. If you are lucky, you might have written abstracts in your previous term papers. Some professors start training students on how to write this section before they reach the final year. Before writing a dissertation abstract, you should know what it is, how to write it, and where to place it on the dissertation.

Being aware of these tips will help you avoid making mistakes. It will also help you write an abstract that will psych up the professor to read the whole dissertation. It is also a requirement when publishing an article in a journal. Since most colleges have journals where they publish research conducted by students, it means that yours will be one of them.

Therefore, follow the tips below on how to write a winning abstract so that you may be published and persuade readers to give your research the attention it deserves.

What Is an Abstract and Why Is It Useful?

A dissertation abstract is a summary of your work. Unlike what most students think, it is not an introduction to the thesis. This misunderstanding has cost many students marks because they assume that an abstract is a longer introduction to the report. It is a summary that should give the reader all the necessary information about your report in a few words. When someone reads the abstract, he or she should have complete information about what you aimed at studying, the methods you used, findings, and the conclusion.

An abstract is useful for two main reasons. One of them is that it is the part that readers see when you publish the report online. Readers can only view this part, and then if it persuades them, they go ahead to download the full dissertation. You do not want to disappoint readers at this stage. Therefore, you have to be aware of the Dos and Don’ts of writing a good abstract for dissertation. Secondly, this part is essential because it is the one that examiners see first when they get hold of your thesis. Although your professor may understand when you make a mistake, if the report has to be marked by an external examiner, he or she may not be understanding like your tutor. Therefore, you have to learn how to write this part and if you can’t do it by yourself, hire an expert to write it for you. You will avoid losing marks and getting a poor final grade.

What Sections Should You Include in an Abstract?

To ensure that you write the summary well, you should divide it into sections. It will make it neat, and help you not to miss out on any critical information. The parts you should include in the abstract are as follows:

A Section of the Main Topic and Objectives of Study

The first few sentences of an abstract should inform the reader about the main topic of the study. For example, you may say that ‘this study aimed at finding out the impact of using mobile phones at work on employee productivity; a case of DHL Limited.’ The topic is clear and complete. It informs one that this study will focus on employees in DHL Limited. It also indicates what it will research about employees in the organization. If the number of words is enough, you may list the specific objectives of the study. Avoid explaining the objectives in this part. Also, there is no need to point out the research questions because these are drawn from the aims. Writing them would mean being repetitive, yet you do not have enough space to do so in summary.

Letting individuals know your main topic in a Ph.D. dissertation abstract helps them stay focused on reading the report. You may state the main reason why you are doing the research. You may identify a gap in the literature that led you to conduct the study. The explanation justifies the need for your research.

A Summary of the Literature Review

Although you might not find this section in most of the dissertation proposal abstract you read online, it is important to know how to include it when necessary. These proposals lack this part because of the limited word count. For example, if the abstract section should be only 300 words, there is no need for a summary of the literature. However, if it is more than a page and there is room for the content, then you can write it. When you use essay writing companies to write your full dissertation or the abstract part only, they will also exclude this part in some cases.

So, if you have to write a summary of the literature, how should you write it? The best way is to mention one or two theories that make up the theoretical part. Then state what most of the literature argues about your topic. It should not be more than three sentences maximum.

A Summary of Methodology Part of the Dissertation

The methodology is an important section of the dissertation summary. Here, you should write various critical details that inform the reader of how you carried out the study. These details include:

  • Research design

It is an overall plan of how you will do the research. Do not mention research designs that you did not adopt in the study, even if you pointed them out in the methodology.

  • Sample size

If the research collected primary data from employees in DHL, in the topic stated above, you need to let the reader know the number of people you selected. You may also state the population before indicating the size of the sample. The size of the sample mainly depends on the total elements. If the elements are many, the sample will be bigger, but if they are few, it will be small.

In some cases, the sample may be the whole population. For example, if you are studying an organization with only thirty employees, you may choose to interview all of them. It is not costly, and it will not consume a lot of time.

  • The methods you used to collect data

Did you use interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, or observation? State the method or methods you used to gather the information. You have already explained the reasons for using these techniques in the methodology chapter of the dissertation. Therefore, do not start justifying the methods in the abstract section.

  • Method of analysis and presentation of findings

Inform the reader about the techniques you used to analyze findings and present them in the form of the report.

Summary of Findings

The results are the fourth part of an abstract. It gives an overview of the research results. This may be in two to three sentences. Give the main points only to avoid making it too lengthy.

Conclusions of the Research

After reading your topic, understanding the methods you used and findings, the reader wants to know the conclusions you made. Here, you provide answers to the research questions. If you were undertaking the topic above, in this part, let readers know about the impact of mobile phones on employee productivity. Do phones increase or decrease productivity? If none of these, does the productivity remain the same when employees have phones and when they do not have them at the workplace? Answer these questions so that you can satisfy the reader’s anticipation. Although you may be tempted to include a recommendation after the conclusion, it is not necessary for this part.

Most students find it hard to structure an abstract because it should be short. These individuals choose to pay expert writers to write the summary on their behalf so that they may not mess on the length.

How Long Should an Abstract Be?

The dissertation abstract length depends on your institution. Some institutions allocate words to each section of a dissertation. If yours does this, you have no option but to follow the provided structure so that you may get marks. However, if the university has not stated how long it should be, follow the general guideline. It states that an abstract should be a maximum of 300 words. This is equal to one page of work. You should also write it on its page. Even if it does fill the page, do not start the introduction on the same page as the abstract.

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