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Curriculum vitae is a comprehensive overview of your life’s achievements, prepared with the intention of marketing yourself to potential employers. From the definition, a CV should include details such as who you are education background, job skills, and your experience. In the USA CV writing is only familiar to those individuals applying for jobs in the fields of academic, medicine, and research. In other countries such as the UK, CVs are used in place of resume to apply for almost every other job. However, it is essential to note that regardless of their usage, both of these documents have an impact on your career. This article will offer you the basic guidelines and tips required in professional CV writing.

Always remember that searching for a job is like being in any other competition. This is why we strive at providing you with all the CV help to improve your level of competitiveness. We aim to help you achieve your career goals through expert cv writing and editing services. Also, as evident in this article, we provide you with tips on how to develop an excellent CV for your career.

General CV Writing Service UK Guidelines

Generally, the underlying principles of writing a CV have remained the same in years. However, the same cannot be said of the labour market landscape. The job requirements and process of recruitment have been evolving with time. Similarly, there has been a surge in the number of available CV writing companies like ours. You do not have to miss out on a job opportunity because you cannot draft a good cv on your own. All you have to do is go online and type help me write a CV then select your company or individual. This evolvement has had an impact on the competition landscape. For example, it implies that you have to input more effort into making your CV better.

To get you started, it is essential to analyse the main differences between a CV and a resume. A resume is usually one page long, while a CV may take up to two pages or longer. Resumes tend to be more accomplishment founded as opposed to a CV that is credential based. In reality, a cv provides details such as education background, professional experience, publications, awards, key competencies, and significant honours. Best CV writing experts claim that your aim should always be showing why you are the best available candidate. The following guidelines can help you achieve this objective.

Use Bullet Points

They are useful tools to help you summarise your work. This way, you can manage to highlight content that is more relevant without overdoing it. Remember that overwriting your cv is a common mistake among most job seekers.

Optimise Your Work Using Application Tracking Systems (ATS) Software

Most recruiters already use this software to eliminate job applicants. Therefore, to avoid being eliminated, you can run your work through the system and get some relevant feedback. These services can be obtained from companies offering executive CV writing in the country.

Use Numbers

Statistics help make your content more convincing. The recruiter is more interested in actionable skills and qualifications. If not sure how to effectively use statistics in your document, you can request for our CV writing service UK.

Include Important Content While Writing a CV UK

Among the fundamental principles of effective CV writing is understanding what essential details to include. Having the right structure enables you to provide clear, comprehensive, and updated academic or employment information. The following are the most critical details to include:

Personal Information

This is the section where you are expected to include your contact information. Make sure you have included the following information: name, home address, email address, and phone number. These details should be presented at the top of your document. Also, ensure that the information provided is up to date. For some jobs, applicants go the extra mile of including their LinkedIn and website URLs, which is still allowed. However, in the UK, you are not expected to provide personal information such as marital status, age, or photo unless requested by your employer, which is a rare thing. This is because asking for such details probably contradict the UK Equality Act 2010 objectives.

Personal Profile

While writing a CV UK, it is important to include one paragraph of your career objectives. Precisely, it is a brief statement that emphasises your main attributes or motivations for wanting to work in a given profession or company. The intention here is to tell your potential employer who you are, what you are offering, and why you are a suitable candidate. Therefore, you will be expected to include information on your relevant skills, achievements, and career goals.

Work Experience and Employment History

This is the section where you are expected to include all your relevant work experience. Relevancy, in this context, relates to applicability for a position being pursued and not limited by the timeline. To increase the range of relevant experience, consider including the transferrable skills from previous posts. To outline your experience, include details such as the job title, organisation’s name, the period you worked there, and primary responsibilities held.

Further, the rule of the reverse chronological order should be applied. It is where you list your most recent position and experience first, all the way to the oldest. Also, ensure that you use practical examples to express your experience and achievements. For example, “in my previous position, I headed a team that developed a mobile application. This app increased our company product adoption by 25%”. To avoid doing it wrong, you could turn to us for the best CV writing service.

Education Background

Writing a good CV will require you to include every essential academic achievement and experience. You will be required to cover the institution’s name, the period of attendance, qualifications, and grades obtained. In this section, the rule of reverse chronological order also applies. Begin with the most recent requirements obtained.

Skills and Achievements

Under this section, include any additional skills you possess that are relevant to that position. Decisions on what to include are guided by the job description provided for that post. It is also advisable to list them using statistics or practical examples of how you utilised them. For example, “my Chinese language proficiency helped me have a great input in our promotional efforts in China.” In this scenario, you not only get to highlight your skills but also talk about your achievements as a marketer. However, avoid overselling yourself by including irrelevant content. If not exactly sure, how to do it right, you can seek CV help UK services from us.

Hobbies and Interests

You do not have to include your hobbies and interests in the CV. Only highlight them if they are very relevant to your profession. For example, your blogging hobby may be appropriate if you are applying for a marketing job.

Checklist for Writing a Good CV

So far, we have highlighted the right structure you can follow in drafting your cv. Once you have the draft, the following checklist can help ensure that you create the right impression with your potential employer:

  • Have you kept it simple?
  • Have you updated all your sections?
  • Have you proofread for errors?
  • Have you been honest in presenting your facts?
  • Have you correctly formatted your work?

Benefits of Seeking Our CV Writing Service

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