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Do you know what the most brilliant leaders of the modern world have in common? Yes, that’s lack of respect for formal education. Some of them didn’t graduate at all (Steve Jobs). The others did but only to fulfil the formality. Thus, we can naturally arrive at a conclusion that maybe – just maybe – there is another path to greatness that has nothing to do with college.

And yet, if you are not courageous enough to give up on learning, we understand it as well. It’s much better to have it all – a degree, a talent, and enough courage to make it on your own. And if you are not sure that you will have sufficient time to get your degree, our custom essay writing services will come in handy.

As a UK-based firm, we make sure that each of our clients submits writing assignments on time. That’s how we contribute to the improvement of client’s academic performance. So spend a few minutes on this page and get the details – we promise it will be worth your time!

Top-Notch Custom Writings Tailored to Your Needs

Imagine that you have three papers due in a week. They cover different subjects, are of different size and complexity – but they are all important. And yet, you don’t have time to work on them. You could probably do one, but you need three to be done in due course.

This is the perfect time to ask for custom essays writing help. With this option, you will most certainly be on time with your papers. The way you use those writings is up to you – research, inspiration, etc. – but they are bound to be useful. As a provider of the best custom essay writing services, we can guarantee you that.

The process is simple: a customer provides exhaustive information about the paper he or she needs to get, we find a suitable writer in our database and then assign such writer to work on the paper. It’s so easy, isn’t it?

To ensure adherence to your instructions and quality standards, we have introduced the following guarantees:


The paper has to be original by at least 98%, or it is not delivered to the customer.


All customer information that we collect and process is protected against abuse.


All fees that we charge are accounted for and are disclosed at the beginning of the process. It is up to you to decide whether the price fits your budget.


Adjust the details of your order to make sure it meets your requirements in full. It applies to the price, too!

With these policies, we are confident enough to guarantee that you will be satisfied with the customs essay writing aid that we provide. Try it out and prove us wrong!

Custom paper writing services delivered by top experts

Who is the person that will write a paper (or a few) for you? No matter which writer you are assigned, we can promise the following:

  • Your writer will have 3+ years of relevant experience. We have never hired amateurs and are not planning to start doing it.
  • They will have an appropriate academic degree from a top-rated UK university or a college such as Abbey, Birmingham Metropolitan, Kingston, Cliff, etc.
  • In the case of complicated paper on a dedicated topic, we’ll assign specialists with a PhD or Masters degree to work on your project.

Note that you will retain all the control. Your paper will be written under your supervision, which means there will be no surprises waiting down the line. There are numerous ways for you to provide instructions regarding your order and functionality to monitor the progress.

In the case of any surprises, we are ready to address them! Don’t get it wrong – we make every effort to deliver just the result you want. But things happen, and there is a slight possibility you will see room for improvement.

That’s what we have free revisions for. After the paper was written and delivered, you can have your writer continue working on it absolutely free of charge. Such additional work may last for two weeks and be as intense as necessary.

UK standards to make sure everything is in order

Even though our clientele is international, we stick to UK writing standards. It means that your writer will consult UK style guides and fulfil other academic writing requirements that originate in the UK. The majority of our writers are UK-based, too. They have graduated from the major UK universities and thus have first-hand experience of writing for these educational institutions.

By the way, have we already mentioned that you can request a particular writer? You can! If you know the ID of your preferred writer, you only need to mention it while filling in the Ordering Form. We will check his or her availability and make sure you get the one you wanted.

How our customers describe our custom writing essays

To give you a general idea about the paper you will receive from our custom writing essays services, here is a short description:

  • Original as ensured by our originality guarantee

Our Quality Assurance Department makes sure that all papers are 100% authentic.

  • Well-researched as research precedes any writing activities.

We have access to a multitude of online libraries to pull resources from

  • Carefully proofread to ensure flawless language
  • Correctly formatted according to the style you choose

Become the master of your education – don’t let things happen on their own. With just a little help from us, you can have it all – results, time, and success. Choose us today and enjoy all the academic benefits starting from tomorrow!