Tips on Writing a Book Review: Find out Here and Now

A huge number of people wishing to express their opinion on a particular book led to the birth of a genre such as a review. While some students think that they can write reviews, it is not as simple as it seems. There should be no other people’s opinions and no plagiarism as well. Wondering how to write a review properly? Read the article!

What Is Academic Book Review? And Why Do We Need It?

Almost every educational program of any college includes writing a review on a book. This scientific research can be represented by a review, detailed analysis, or evaluation of the work. The main characteristics of the review are brevity, clarity, a small page size. Besides, the description of one’s impression of the book can take the form of both an essay and a small literary and critical article.

The reviewer should express the opinion about a particular book, present reasoned facts, describe the techniques and images used by the author of the work. The quality of the review depends on the depth of knowledge of the person who wrote it, on understanding the book, and the objectivity of perception. Well, how to write it?

Tips on What to Include in a Book Review

If the reviewer expresses thoughts well and competently, then the one will arouse the reader’s interest in the book. Some tips for writing a review:

It is better not to read the opinions of others about the work that you will write. Someone else’s thoughts can bring you down, and you can write about the book already with the words of a stranger.

Even if you wrote a review and found a text for this work with an opinion that matches yours, do not be discouraged. In the review, your feelings and impressions are important.

If your opinion does not coincide with the majority, then it’s worth writing your vision on this book. Even if this book is recognized as a masterpiece and everyone admires the work of the author, you can still express your opinion. Perhaps your review will do more good.

Wondering How to Write a Book Review?

When you write a quality review for a book, you not only generalize what you think about it and the author, you also influence the perception of the book by other people.

While reading, it is important to highlight all the thoughts, quotes interesting for you. You can take notes by hand, leave bookmarks, or write out immediately. Use small bookmarks, shortcuts, which mark the beginning of the part of the text that interests me. Any book is new information, which in the process of analysis is transformed into knowledge. Before you write a review, we recommend you check all of your entries.

Reviews may be different, but they are all written using special technologies, depending on the main message of the book. And an amateur review is an impression of a person about what they read.

So, What Is a Book Review?

A review of a book is a detailed written review drawn up according to a specific plan. It contains a detailed analysis and evaluation of a literary work. The reviewer’s task is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the text. It is necessary if the author needs recommendations for completing the material. And, what is the peculiarity of academic reviews of books?

H2: Well, How to Write an Academic Book Review?

Review in an academic publication is one of the central genres of a scientific text that publicly informs, provides a brief analysis, and puts actual or classic work in the space of attention.

A proper review should include the following information: the full title of the book, the position of the author of the book, a brief description of the problem the book is devoted to, the degree of relevance of the book provided, the most important aspects disclosed by the author in the book, recommendation for publication, and academic title, academic degree, position, place of work, full name of the reviewer, stamp, and the signature.

The quality review not only reports the appearance of a new book, contains analysis and evaluation, but also is an important tool for communication between scientists.

Check the Steps of Writing a Book Report

If you do not know where to start and how to continue, then you can build on this plan and paint each of the points:

  • Introductory part

There are no special rules in it; it’s a matter of everyone’s taste. You can insert some quotes from work or briefly describe the plot (the plot of the book tells about how …). And you can immediately start with your impressions. Many find it easier if they share their impressions of the book they have read.

  • The main idea

Here you can show the range of problems considered by the author in the book or the main idea. But do not tell the story to readers. Here it will be more competent to talk about how the author approached the disclosure of the characters, how realistic they are, or to talk about the main idea of the work, the style of the author.

  • Analysis of the work

A little hint: it’s more appropriate to start with the title of the book, as it expresses the work. And also here you can paint what mood the book sets, how the time and place of action are connected with the theme of the book. Trace the behavior of the main characters: how their behavior, thoughts, and feelings change throughout the plot, how they act when faced with difficulties, etc.

  • Conclusions

Here you can tell about your impressions, give an assessment, talk about the relevance of the work, or you can compare the work with other works of the author. However, some students feel that they need some help with this task.

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