What do Oxbridge Essays Entail?

October 5, 2018 | GradeMiners
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The term ‘Oxbridge’ is simply a portmanteau of the words ‘Oxford’ and ‘Cambridge’.  Oxbridge essays are therefore essays written by students of either of these institutions, which are two of the oldest universities in the UK. Each of them has a history dating back to over eight hundred years. They have become a national heritage symbolising Britain’s higher education quality and sharing similar qualities in many aspects. The word ‘Oxbridge’ therefore arose as a descriptor of all qualities associated with these institutions.

What Is So Special About Oxford and Cambridge?

Cambridge and Oxford universities have similar faculties as well as institutional setups. For instance, both of them have printing companies such as the Cambridge and Oxford university press. Likewise, each has a botanical garden. Oxford owns the University of Oxford botanical garden while the Cambridge botanic university garden belongs to Cambridge University.

The rivalry between the two institutions is what has majorly contributed to their iconic status. Right from the year 1209, there was stiff competition between the two academic giants. Cambridge got established by disgruntled students escaping the hostility of Oxford inhabitants.  This was a landmark event that is still celebrated by Cambridge scholars to this day. They mark this day through sporting events and other ceremonies.

Looking at the colligate structures of these institutions, they bear a lot of similarities. These universities are composed of the main college that coordinate smaller constituent colleges, which are responsible for tutorials and pastoral care under the supervision of the main institution. In addition to these, Cambridge and Oxford are the two highest rated learning institutions in the United Kingdom. Therefore, they are the most sought-after educational institutions. Admission is highly competitive such that some schools and writing agencies market themselves based on how many students they help attain slots within the two universities. Some companies even call themselves Oxbridge essays helpers.

Oxford and Cambridge have somewhat the same systems for student admission. In both of these schools, students need to apply for admission three months before most other universities open their application windows. As a student, you are not allowed to apply for courses in both universities simultaneously in one year. Furthermore, students are taken through interviews to ascertain their suitability for their chosen degree programs. Aptitude tests are given to test the students’ critical thinking skills, academic potential, and self-motivation. As such, most students have a high chance of achieving great academic success through attending these institutions.

Why Students Feel a Lot of Pressure Writing Good Essays

The word Oxbridge is at times pejoratively used to describe the high social class about the affluent classes that dominated the admissions in both institutions during the early twentieth century. It is also a symbol of the socio-political elite that continue to dominate the cultural and political establishments of the UK.  Parents also view education in Britain from the Oxbridge perspective. Therefore, to uphold this legacy, there are high expectations while writing Oxbridge essays that students in both institutions need to meet.

Nonetheless, writing these types of paper does not have to be a nightmare. With the correct guidance, practice and a positive mindset, a student can write remarkable essays with a lot of ease. Below is a short guideline that gives step by step tips on how to prepare for and write the above-described essays.

Steps to Writing a Good Essay of Oxbridge

Writing an impeccable essay requires several procedures. The following are the steps to follow.

  • Pick your topic

Before you start your essay, you need something to write about.  Sometimes the topic might be assigned by your instructor. In this case, you need to reflect on how you want to address it. Do you want to give an overview or do you want to make an in-depth discussion? On the other hand, if you are to choose your topic, you are more flexible to think about things you find interesting.

  • Conduct good research

This step is the greatest determinant of the final quality of the paper. Good research will ensure that you gather all the relevant information required in the essay. It also will enhance your understanding of the topic and give you more ideas on what to write about.  A student can research through magazines, books, newspapers, and journals. The internet is another good information source. You can find online books, journals, and websites, from which you can receive a lot of quality knowledge.

  • Organize information into an outline

Once done with research, you need to organise all the information logically. This activity will enable your flow of ideas to be smooth and interrelated. It also helps you to divide your essay into subtopics.  Moreover, you will be able to determine any irrelevant information that you should not include in the paper. You can then create an outline through the use of a flowchart whereby your topic is at the centre and arrows branching out towards the main ideas.

  • Write the introduction

The introduction will involve a hook and a thesis. The hook is a witty remark that arouses the curiosity of the reader and makes them want to read more. A thesis, on the other hand, is a statement that gives an overview of the topic and your reasons for writing the essay.

  • Write the body

Here is where you will discuss your main ideas and facts. Remember that each paragraph should represent a specific idea, and the latter should also flow logically.

  • Write the conclusion

This is the final part where you summarise all the main points of the essay. You can also give a few remarks on your thoughts regarding the topic. The last sentence can be a quote, a proverb or a witty statement depending on your preference.

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