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September 12, 2018 | GradeMiners
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Many students would like to get a free example of an essay to make the writing process easier. At the same time, it is necessary to learn how to insert examples in your paper. They will serve as the best evidence for your main argument called a thesis statement.

One has to use a great variety of connectors in your paper. It is necessary to add them flexibly in various parts of the text. Take a look at a list of helpful linking words with sample sentence:

  • To give an example
  • For instance
  • For example
  • To illustrate
  • To show what I mean
  • Such as
  • Namely

To understand how to add examples in your paper, we suggest that you read these examples of an essay. To be specific, those are just extracts from different pieces, but they are still great when it comes to learning how to write an essay.

“The society should take global warming more serious because it can lead to numerous disastrous effects. To prove my words with an example, I should recall that the melting polar ice caps have resulted in both a loss of habitat for many animals as well as a threat to the life of various species.”

“People who commit various crimes should not get the same punishment. Minor crimes, such as alcohol usage in public places and pickpocketing, should not be viewed by the judges the same way they view major crimes such as violence and murder.”

“With each year, more and more females are selecting to start a family life later. 21 per cent of those who give birth to their first baby, are older than thirty years in the United Kingdom.”

“Little kids frequently copy behaviour from the grown-up people that surround them subconsciously. To make it clear, more than half of children who were raised in aggressive families frequently use aggression to solve their problems and may copy bad behaviours.”

“With every new day, the number of citizens who stick to the sedentary lifestyles because of the work schedule increases/ for instance, office workers in the United Kingdom who dedicate minimum eight hours per day, five days per week in front of their personal computers or other digital devices.”

“Older family members are obligated to teach their kids what right and what wrong is. To explain, in case they notice their kids using filthy language, they should dedicate some time to talking with their children on this sensitive topic. They have to explain the little ones that the usage of such words can lead to the adverse consequences instead of simply punishing them.”

The next question you may have in your mind is how to structure an academic paper. We are ready to answer!

Stages of Writing an Academic Essay

We should dedicate at least one section of this article to how to write an essay. It is the simplest academic writing assignment. You should get ready to face more complicated assignments of the college or university level like research papers, coursework projects, and dissertations. The best way to practice academic writing is composing numerous essays. Do not worry – you’ll have plenty of them during the academic years. The first thing you should know is that there are several types of essays. We would even say multiple. Here is the list:

  • Definition
  • Reflection
  • Descriptive
  • Narrative
  • Expository
  • Process analysis
  • Critical analysis
  • Character analysis
  • Poetry analysis
  • Compare & contrast
  • Cause & effect
  • Personal statement

All of them are different by their purposes, but there is emoting they have in common – their structure. Any essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. The rest of the things may vary depending on the aim and topic.

An introduction should always contain a hook sentence, background information, reasons to study the problems, and the thesis statement. A thesis statement is the main argument of the entire paper. It should consist of 1-2 sentences that deliver the primary message that a writer will have to defend in further writing. An introduction is the most important part of any academic paper. It should grab the reader’s attention and motivate the readers to look through the entire piece and even keep on investigating on their own. To catch an eye, the best technique is a hook sentence. For example, you can start with a shocking fact, rhetorical question, or a funny joke.

The next section is a body. It is usually made of 3-5 paragraphs. Each of them starts with a topic sentence – that is like a mini main argument of each body section. They all should relate to the thesis statement. The topic sentence should be then supported by the credible evidence from the primary and secondary sources. Different transition words will help to follow a logical flow of the paper.

Finally, there is a conclusion. This part starts with a restated (paraphrased) thesis to recall the primary question. A writer should summarise all the topic sentences (basic ideas), explain how to implement the findings (if any), provide some forecasts for the future (if possible), and end up with a good hook again. The best way to finish an essay is a rhetorical question.

Where to Look for the Essay Examples?

As you can see, writing an essay is not the simplest task you might have in your high school or college. That is why we recommend having a full example of an essay or even several of them. The extracts above may help, but, to have an overall picture, you should get complete essays. So, where can you look for some? It is critical to find papers that you can trust. You may ask a good friend to share, look for free samples on the web, etc.

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