Essay Samples: Utilising Their Overlooked Potential

August 17, 2018 | GradeMiners
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It is not possible to avoid a brush with essays in one’s life. We have to write hundreds of them for this or that purpose. The essays we pen down can help us get into college. For instance, students have to write college application essays as part of their request to join an education institution. These essays – it is vital to acknowledge – have a significant impact on the success of someone’s application.

An essay is also a common element in the academic sphere. Every day learners across all levels of education have to churn out persuasive, descriptive, narrative, cause-and-effect, compare and contrast, and argumentative essays.

With such a profound presence in our lives, it is only logical that we want to get the better of essays. Thus, essay samples step in. Students and professional writers go out of their way to get these guides to help them understand the gist of proper writing and most importantly to help them improve their writing prowess.

Qualities of a Good Essay Sample

There are tons of essay samples out there. With such a high number of them, there is bound to be the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. We are in no way going to focus on the latter two, but rather on the former calibre of samples.

Essay samples of good quality have something going on for them. They are edifying, illustrative, and appealing. The latter point leads us to the first quality of an excellent sample. When picking an article sample, go for the ones that are pleasant to look at. Content aesthetics is achieved by use of easily-readable fonts, correct spacing and font size, proper paragraphing (observes the five-paragraph rule), and the right use of text indentation. However, you will not even have to expend much energy checking for this; you will spot a good with a single sweep of the document.

Another attribute kick-ass essay samples share is the use of the “show not tell’ strategy. This approach hooks the reader from the start. If you find yourself glued to a sample and wanting more of it, then that is probably the one to emulate.

Last but not least, excellent article samples communicate their messages systematically. You will not see any jumbled thoughts in the text that might throw you off. The article is characterised by a chronological development and flow of ideas. Simply put; one thought pre-empts the next in that essay.

Benefits of an Excellent Sample

An excellent article sample will help you decipher a lot of things that will see you improve the quality of your writing. These include:

Helps You Learn the Correct Structure

Getting your eyes on an appropriate sample will help you decipher the correct structure for your piece. It will educate you on how to come up with the cover page, help you create sections in your work effectively, and assist you to provide proper heading where applicable.

Gets You Acquainted with The Essay Format

Do you know how to write using the various writing styles such as MLA, APA, Turabian, Harvard, Vancouver, or Chicago? If not, there is no need to get panicky. Downloading or viewing samples of content in the writing style you are interested in will help you learn about the requirements that come with it.

Assists in Deciphering How to Reference Correctly

This point is somehow related to the writing style you adopt. Nonetheless, referencing is outrightly a critical section of your paper; thus it is essential to address it independently.

With plagiarism becoming a weighty issue in the literary world, there is an ever-increasing need for providing adequate references in your work to give credit to the original authors of the content.

Samples can help you learn how to go about this step of your writing. Moreover, the examples can help you learn how to provide quotations and the way to paraphrase effectively.

Educates You On Using the Correct Language

Filling up your work with complicated words and technical jargon without a valid reason for the same will not make you come off as smart. Instead, it will make your writing difficult to read and off-putting. This approach can even result in your work being shoved aside.

Using an essay example can help you learn how to use vocabulary effectively to avoid throwing around difficult words that are uncalled for in your text. Furthermore, it can help you learn a lot on punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Helps You Learn About Tone and Formality

Going through a sample can help you learn the voice to use in your paper. For instance, the active voice is used when writing formal documents which include essays. It is advisable that you use the passive voice on the minimum.

You should also avoid the use of the first-person except when penning down narrative essays.

Ideal Topics Derived from Top-Notch Composition Samples

The following are some argumentative essay topics sourced from excellent samples of essays:

  • Should the death penalty be eliminated entirely?
  • Is the cost of university education justifiable?
  • Does racism come naturally to someone?

When writing a compare and contrast essay, here are some topics to guide you:

  • Compare and contrast the aspects of tyranny and democracy
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Android and iOS operating systems
  • Show similarities and differences between steam engine trains and electric trains

For cause and effect essays, here are some excellent topic examples:

  • How does regular exercise impact on brain function?
  • How stress is detrimental to human health
  • How social media is contributing to social and moral degradation among the youth

To conclude; samples can be the lifesaver you need when faced with a deadlock while writing your essay. But if these samples fail to help you too, there is always the option of seeking professional essay help at GradeMiners. You will get remarkable content from top native writers in Great Britain that will see you achieve better scores.

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