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Nature vs nurture is one of the most debated issues in both academic and social circles. A nature vs nurture essay can be an interesting one to explore as you give your opinion on the long existing debate on whether genetics or the environment dictates human behaviour. Nature, on the one hand, refers to the hereditary factors present in our genetics that influence our physical and personal attributes. Nurture, on the other hand, is the variables in the environment we grow up in since childhood that influence/ mould who one becomes. Behavioural scientists and psychologists are the proponents of the latter, while biological psychologists lean towards the former. As a student tasked with writing a nature vs nurture essay, it is your responsibility to determine the best approach.

Deciding on the Best Writing Approach: Expository or Persuasive?

Before you can decide on the direction of your essay assignment, it is important to get the instructions right. When the task is in the form of an essay question, it will be quite clear what your answer, in the form of an essay, should be. Get further clarification from your teacher or professor where the given instructions are not clear to you. However, when the instructions on how to approach or structure your nature vs nurture essay are not given, you can be confused on what to write about and whether you should take a stand or not.

If you decide to write an informative and evidence-based piece analysing both sides of the debate, it becomes an expository essay. In expository writing, you do not betray your emotions or sway the reader to see things from your point of view. You provide a balanced analysis using facts and evidence and let the reader decide which side holds the most weight. In contrast, a persuasive nature vs nurture essay presents facts with the goal of persuading the reader to accept your point of view. You must show both sides of the argument, but explicitly state your stand and defend it with sound reasoning and facts.

When presented with the freedom to choose your approach, weigh your personal beliefs and experiences relating to the issue, your knowledge of the concepts, the amount of research needed, and the general expectations of the course.

Topic and Thesis Development

Needless to say, the topic and thesis statement are critical parts of your essay. If, for example, your topic is ‘nature vs nurture on gender roles and equality,’ your reader, in this case, the subject teacher or course professor, will expect the rest of your essay to fall within this scope and most importantly support/ defend your thesis. So, take time to develop these two aspects as they will define everything else you will write. Simple steps for thesis and topic writing:

Background Research

Before making up your mind on a topic, conduct primary research to gather relevant ideas. Read widely from reliable sources that are at least less than five years old. While researching online is sure to give you ample information on the nature vs nurture debate, it would prove worthwhile to visit your school library too.

Idea Screening

After your initial research, you will likely end up with a list of seemingly great ideas. So, this stage involved filtering the wheat from the chaff. The focus should be narrow enough to manage and make interesting. Check for clarity, conciseness, and value. Also, weigh the information and evidence available for each idea. Scrap anything that you cannot satisfactorily explain or defend.


Give your final idea a test-run by creating an outline. An essay outline is the general structure and summary of your essay. Developing an outline will help you know if the idea is viable or not.


Finally, write up your final topic and thesis statement. A thesis statement should customarily appear at the end of your introduction. Otherwise, place it as per instructions or academic format of your institution.

Getting Your Essay Body Just Right

The body of your essay is where all your ideas, explanations, evidence and facts should appear. It is the meat of your essay. All the promises you make in your introductions should be fulfilled in the body paragraphs. What you should remember when writing the body section is to separate the main ideas into distinct paragraphs. If your aim is to present the balanced analysis of nature and nurture, you can alternate points for each in individual paragraphs.

Start with a captivating topic sentence, follow up with an explanation or a supporting argument, give an example, back up with evidence and finally end with a transitioning sentence. A transitioning statement connects one paragraph to the next and provides a smooth flow of your writing.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing the Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction and conclusion are similar in that both are summaries of the essay. However, that does not mean they should mirror each other. Let your introduction grab your reader’s attention while your conclusion should wrap things up and give the reader closure.

Don’t make the mistake of rewriting or converting your introduction to a conclusion. Nonetheless, make your thesis clear in both parts. The introduction may start with a dialogue, a surprising fact, anecdote or topic summary. Avoid clichés, obvious, and general facts as they will only water down your content. Lastly, do not divulge too much information in your introduction. Persuade the reader to continue to the body for answers. The proper time to write your introduction is after drafting the body, then finish with the conclusion.

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