How to Write an Outstanding Romeo and Juliet Essay

September 5, 2018 | GradeMiners
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Top Tips on How to Write an Impressive Romeo and Juliet Essay

Writing essays and especially those with Romeo and Juliet themes can be challenging to some students. Reading this play may be exciting and enjoyable to some students, and they would wish to go over it over repeatedly. Others find reading such a piece of literature boring. Whichever group you may belong to, it is important to write a nice essay when asked by your instructor because your academic success depends on how well you can write this essay.

The main concern for many students then becomes, what do I need to do to write an exceptional Romeo and Juliet essay? The answers are provided here.

Properly Grasp the Flow of the Story

It is common for some students to start writing these essays right away even before properly understanding what this play is all about. If you just read one part of the story or you have an overview of what the story is about, you may end up with a misleading argument. First get the chronology of events in the play by reading it thoroughly. Do not just agree with what you hear people say about Romeo and Juliet without having first-hand experience with it such that you can hold an informed perspective. Go through the book yourself without relying on what you hear. To understand the themes and get more evidence, you should also watch a performance of the play and then re-read the content to ensure that you master it.

You should also have a strong understanding of the background information on the book. Try to understand the author, William Shakespeare, by analysing his previous works to know his motivation towards writing the play. Understand the social setting of the book so that you have an idea of the values that they held dear.

Understand the Topic You Are Expected to Handle

When asked to write a Romeo and Juliet essay, there are several areas you can be asked to deal with. For instance, you can be told to analyse a particular theme. First, you have to know that this play has some themes the main one being love. There can also be a case where you can be told to analyse the characters or the literary styles used by the author. Whatever the case may be, it is essential to have a proper comprehension of what is expected from you. The point here is to allow you to gather the right evidence and illustrations to back your argument.

Plan Properly Before You Write

Now that you already know what you are expected to write about, it is important to give enough time for the various activities that you are supposed to handle. Prepare enough arguments and evidence for the essay before you begin.

Typically, the essays must have a nice outline so that your ideas have a seamless flow to enable readers to follow your argument. Normally, an essay of this nature is made up of three parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

  • Introduction

This is where the reader first interacts with your essay. It is important that you make the reader more interested in wanting to read the rest of the paper. Simply put, make the introduction catchy, engaging and punchy. Start with an interesting direct quote from the play, an opinion that makes the reader more interested in understanding your viewpoint or a question that makes the reader want to read more to get the answers. A boring introduction or one with long, complicated sentences makes your work sound flat and may disengage the reader.

Give an overview of what the reader should expect from your paper. However, do not say everything from the start as it may make the essay predictable.

  • The body

This is where you put your main arguments. Explicitly elaborate your point of view while quoting specific evidence from the play. This segment is where you let the reader know that you know what you are talking about. Provide illustrations, direct quotes, and other supporting evidence. However, you should be careful not to divert from the requirements of the question you are tackling. To make this possible, you should keep referring back to the question so that you do not lose track. Regardless of how strong the temptation may be, avoid mentioning things that may not be in the play as you write the Romeo and Juliet essay.

  • The conclusion of the essay

You cannot leave your piece hanging. The conclusion gives your essay completeness and gets your reader out of the imaginary world created by your work. This is the point where you provide a summary of the key points that you have mentioned in the essay. Do not make your conclusion too long. The key is to ensure that you do not bring in a new idea at this point. At the same time, do not just repeat what you have mentioned in the body of the essay. Instead, pose a question to your reader and give them something to think about as they finish the essay.

Additional Tips on the Essay

In addition to the above, ensure you observe the following.

  • Ensure that you proofread your work before submission. This allows you to correct any grammar mistakes, typographical errors, spelling mistakes and sentences that sound ambiguous. As a result, you get a final essay that is well-polished.
  • Use short, simple sentences instead of long, complicated ones. By doing this, you make your points more comprehensible to the readers.

Using the tips above, you should now be able to write an excellent Romeo and Juliet essay. There are also expert writers at who can offer you great assistance with writing if you face challenges.

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