How to Prepare a Summary, Evaluation, and Response Paper with Essay Writing Examples?

September 14, 2018 | GradeMiners
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Knowing how to write a summary, analysis, and the response is critical in every area of education. Students need to include these elements in almost every paper. We will discuss how to create each of these critical elements in this part written by the academic experts. This article also contains some essay writing examples to help you.

Writing Summary with an Example

Let’s start with a summary as it often opens or, vice versa finishes the paper. It is a short version of the long text. The main idea is to retell the plot in a paragraph.

The stages in writing such type of paper look this way:

  • Read the article paragraph-by-paragraph.
  • For every section, highlight the topic sentence that contains the primary idea. You may mention the text on your computer.
  • After reading the piece, check all the underlined text.
  • Come up with a single sentence that conveys the topic sentence. Do it using your own words to avoid plagiarism. Begin a summary with the full title of work as well as its author.
  • Write each of the highlighted parts of the text one-by-one using your own words. Try changing the word order as well to avoid plagiarism. Add transitions to draw the logical flow of sentences.
  • Once you are done, read the paper several times. Check the critical elements of a good grade: grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation format, relevance, and flow.

Pay attention to the frequency of times you recall the author. There is no need to add an author tag in each sentence: that is true. However, a writer should be clear while providing ideas retrieved from the analysed piece of writing. In the last sentence, mention the author and title once again. In a research project, add a parenthetical citation or footnote/endnote. It will explain to the audience that you are done using the specific source. Here is an example of a summary:

_____________ is the fundamental problem discussed in “Title” by Author. The main argument of this piece is _______________. The author claims that ____________. As for the sub-claim, it sounds like _____________________. The writer argues _________________. The rest of the audience thinks that ___________________. The author refutes these opinions by insisting that ________________. The conclusion is _________________.

Do Not Forget to Include TRACE!

When it comes to the analysis part, one thing every student should keep in mind is this abbreviation – TRACE.

It refers to Text, Reader, Author, Context, and Exigency. Keep in mind these components if you wish to handle the assignment without any problems. The main idea is to decide on what the type of text is as well as a message that the author planned to deliver to the target audience. That is why it is important to define the audience first. Was the author persuasive?

As for the context, it refers to how the analysed piece of writing suits the history of problem discussion. No issue is new, so you should compare the existing discussion to the research and studies done in the past. End up with exigency – assumptions or bias, if you wish. Here is how the evaluation may look:

The structure of “work’s title” is effective due to __________. The article’s introduction makes the audience ________________. The overall genre of the paper is ____________ and the tone is depicted _____________. The chosen language is ______________. The author’s main argument is developed logically by ___________________. The article is organised by ______________ (here, you should provide a short explanation of the organisation. Point to the issue’s description, claims, and evidence to support the thesis – in which sections – and why these parts work or not.

Responding in Your Essay

As you can guess from its name, the primary purposes of the response part are to tell what you think about the topic. You should decide whether the analysed piece of writing impressed or convinced specifically you. It is a conclusion of your paper, right before the bibliography part. It is possible to provide responses to the selected article throughout the text. It is necessary to pick the proper tone and words to let the reader understand your real reaction.

In most cases, a response will fail into one of the suggested categories:

  • The writer agrees with the author and backs up the thesis with logic/experience;
  • The writer does not support the author’s main argument as the experience or skills may be different (it does not exclude the fact that you may still enjoy the author’s position)
  • The writer agrees just on half of the author’s opinions and does not accept others.
  • The writer agrees/disagrees with the author but understands that there is a more critical idea that has to be covered separately from this article.

Think about how the analysed piece fits into your own essay and the ways you can use it. An example of this part of writing might wool this way:

Before observing this piece of writing, my knowledge of the offered topic was ____________. In my personal experience, I have discovered _________________ and because of this, I reacted to this paper ________________________. It is curious to know that I have ______________ as common ground with the writer/reader. I discovered several new things I have never heard about before. Those are ________________. This piece of writing makes me feel/think/believe _________________. I like these things in the paper: _________________. I think I will keep this article and use it in my further research projects for _________________.


We hope that these tips will help to come up with the three critical essay elements. Mind that these are usually the elements of critical analysis essays. If you need more essay writing examples, the best way to get some is through contacting professional writers online. Oh, no, we know even better option. If you want to receive an A+ for sure, you should better order a custom paper written from scratch. It is more effective than using an example as you can be sure all mistakes will be excluded. If you chose one of the leading services known as GradeMiners, you might count on affordable prices, favorable discounts, prompt delivery, and top-quality of the content. These experts will help with an essay of any type.

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