Step by Step Guide on How to Write Great Nursing Essays

September 24, 2018 | GradeMiners
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In order to have a successful career in medicine, you need to maintain an exemplary performance at school. This can only be achieved by getting high grades in your nursing essays and other assignments. In most cases, nursing students struggle with written assignments, and this ends up dragging their overall scores down even if they are good in the practical part of their coursework. If you are not great at essay writing, this is a risk you cannot afford to take. You need to practice your writing skills and master the art of writing essays. Luckily, we have some easy and practical tips you can use to improve.

Take Time to Dissect the Question

One of the sure ways to improve in essay writing is understanding the title of your paper. Most students make the mistake of rushing to start their pieces before they fully comprehend what the assignment requires them to do. Do not make this mistake. When you are given nursing essays assignments, take time to identify the key terms used in the title such as compare and contrast, list or discuss. After this, break down the question in parts and try to figure out that the professor wants you to do. At the end of this process, you should have a clear direction on what you need to write about.

Ask for Clarification

If you are having a hard time understanding the question, you should ask your professor to clarify. Most students do not do this because they assume they should not. As long as you are not asking the professor to help you come up with your arguments, there is no problem with asking them to help you understand a question. However, do not do this before you try to comprehend the assignment on your own because it might seem as laziness when your professor asks you what you are struggling with and you have no idea.

Do Not Rush at the Last Minute

One of the challenges nursing students face when working on assignments is lack of time to complete their papers before the stipulated deadline. There are many reasons why students fall short of time. It can be because they have to juggle between work and school, take care of family-related issues or simply because they have to work on other equally important tasks. When you find yourself facing these challenges, you should consider managing your time better. Come up with a timetable of when you will work on your assignments and deal with other responsibilities that also require your attention. However, make sure you set aside enough time to work on your nursing essays depending on how tight your deadline is.

Collect Enough Data

Assignments are given to test a student’s comprehension of the study material. Therefore, how you write your essay speaks volumes about how much you have learnt in class and ultimately determines what grade you get. To make a good impression and earn good grades, you need to collect as much data as possible to write a good paper. Do not rely on textbooks alone because in most cases, most of them do not contain the latest information or trends. Try and read recent journals or use online sources such as MEDLINE to write an informative paper.

Use the Correct Structure

There are three basic structural elements that should be present in all your essays. These include the introduction, body and concluding paragraph. The introductory paragraph demonstrates how you are going to approach the question, the body contains your arguments which should be progressive and aim at answering your question and the concluding paragraph should sum everything up. You should also use evidence to back up any claims you make in the paper. In addition to this, check if the professor requires you to use any specific style of writing such as MLA, APA and Chicago and ensure you incorporate this into your nursing essays.

Create Draft

When working on an essay, it is important for you to create the first draft before putting everything on your final copy. The importance of this is that it allows you to know whether your arguments have a good flow and whether not they strongly support your stand on the subject matter. It also allows you to brainstorm and come up with new arguments along the way. This makes it so easy for you to come up with an impressive paper because everything was well planned out.


Once you have written the final draft, do not submit it without proofreading. Go through the essay and spot any grammatical, factual and spelling mistakes. If you can’t seem to find any issues on your own, it is advisable to have someone else proofread it for you. This is a good idea because a fresh set of eyes might be able to identify the things you missed while going through the paper. However, make sure you entrust this task to someone who is in the same career as they are more likely to offer you the most help especially when it comes to analysing your arguments.

Seek Professional Help

If you have tried everything you can think of and you still can’t come up with a good essay, it might be a good idea for you to consider hiring an expert. There are many essays writing professionals in the UK who can help you write a great paper within your stipulated deadline at a very affordable cost. A good example is This company is one of the leading essay writing service providers in the UK. They have professional writers who are always ready to offer their expertise and write quality papers for students.

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