7 Smart Ways to Fulfill an Essay Bank with a Great Paper

September 10, 2018 | GradeMiners
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7 Tips on Writing a Paper, Including the One on How to Choose an Essay Bank

Oxford Royal Academy has offered 10 must-have practices to earn the highest score on your essay writing. Different people use different techniques, but there are still some general rules that you should try. Some of them may sound pretty obvious. However, not all students use them. When it comes to writing, they get stuck and forget about all of these smart things they can do. Having access to an essay bank, reading the works of other people, using various online tools – that is only half of what you can do to improve your writing skills!

Read Papers Written by Other People

With this advice, we mean that you should trust only the field experts or high achievers. By the way, A+ students are not necessarily the best examples of essay writers. When you are choosing an essay bank, pay attention to who the author is as well as the feedback from other users. You may read literature essays of the famous US and UK authors. After all, in most cases, the students start their writing journey from the narrative papers that simply tell some stories. Select your favourite authors and try to come up with a personal riding style. Take various ideas from different writers and mix them. Think about what you like or dislike about certain essays. The broadsheet papers are one more great source of papers. Pay attention to the opinion articles and dissect the way the authors support their points with evidence.

Know the Different Types of Essays

You may think it is not essential as all essays have a similar structure. However, a detailed outline might look different. A lot depends on the topic you choose and type of essay. Here are the major types of the essays to consider:

  • Reflective
  • Narrative
  • Expository
  • Analysis
  • Compare-and-contrast
  • Cause-and-effect
  • Argumentative
  • Persuasive

For instance, while it is not necessary to include a thesis in a narrative or personal essay where you should simply share a story or personal experience, this part is critical in argumentative or persuasive writing. To say more, the essays of that types are based on a thesis statement made of 1-2 sentences. Also, there is no need to add a list of references in a paper where you share a personal experience. In most other academic pieces, a bibliography is a must.

Elevator Pitching Your Papers

You should always start with thinking about an argument to make. Build an outline based on it. Come up with so-called “Elevator Pitch” style summary of what you aim to discuss and list the reasons to read the paper from cover to cover.

Usually, salespeople apply this technique when finding arguments for purchasing a good or service. To do so, they prepare a brief summary of the reasons to buy the product. Imagining yourself in an elevator may help. In the period it takes that elevator to reach the target floor, one has to develop a persuasive argument expelling why the product is helpful. A salesperson has to sell the product or at least motivate the buyer to want to learn more. Develop such summary and include in your introduction.

Share Some Thoughts of Other People

To sound objective, you should not ignore the opinions of others even though you may have a different position towards a particular topic. The main goal is to show off how widely you are. Include citations from various sources or quote experts in the chosen field of writing. Make sure you format the essay properly, according to the citation format you choose or your teacher demands. Avoid outdated sources unless the topic has not shaped a lot since its first mentioning.

Demonstrate strong critical reasoning.

Decide on the Proper Vocabulary

Do not rest on your laurels when it comes to selecting vocabulary. If English is not your native language, it is better to study the meaning of the words or phrases you are not sure about. An essay bank and a dictionary can provide you with many new words and phrases. Avoid complicated terminology or explain each professional term in the text or in a special section called glossary. Here are some of the specific tips and tricks that will help to enrich your vocabulary quickly:

  • Watch only original movies and other videos meaning in English (or language you will use in your future essay)
  • Subscribe to a ‘word a day’ email like Merriam-Webster. You will need a folder in your account for new emails. Collect the emails in a single location to flick through and learn more words.
  • Use a thesaurus. It is important to add some variety to your vocabulary by exploring the commonly used words in the thesaurus. You can make a list of the words that you can use interchangeably.
  • Install various free and paid services to check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Such checkers can also detect plagiarised parts of the paper. Fix the content based on the software’s recommendations. You may also benefit from using free online generators if you are not sure about the required citation format.
  • Learn prefixes, suffixes, and roots. Those are all crucial parts of the words. You can play a trick and deduce the meaning of the new word if it has Latin or Greek roots. Prefixes and suffixes simply help to change the sense of the word, but you can still guess it.
  • Begin your own vocabulary book. Have such books for both native language and foreign ones. Save all the words and phrases on a. notepad, and carry it with you when working on an essay.

Always Revise Your Essays

No matter whether you write an essay for your high school or college or to publish it elsewhere, you should always triple-check it before submitting. Most of the authors type fast, so they risk having some small typos as well as serious errors in their papers.

Use Expert Help from GradeMiners

No matter whether you need writing from scratch, proofreading, or editing to succeed in your studies, there is a way to help you. GradeMiners is a company that assist students and young writers in their tasks. It will become your favourite essay bank if you try! Whether you are running out of time, having English as a second language instead of a native one, or lacking other essential factors like sources of information, you can count on the help of these professionals. The point is that you either buy a custom paper or ask to proofread and fix your draft. Both are great ideas that guarantee the highest scores for your academic pieces as well as audience’s appreciation.

Try it once to see how it works!

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