3 Effective Ways to Write a Mentorship Essay for Your Examination

September 17, 2018 | GradeMiners
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There are two possible ways to view a mentorship essay. On the one hand, it is a paper that covers mentorship as a separate topic. On the other hand, it refers to the mentors who check your examinations and tests. As far as more students are interested in the second case meaning how to meet the requirements of the strict mentors and impress them with a powerful paper, we will first talk about this situation.

Writing Exam Essays to Obtain the Best Grades for Course

It is not a secret that people cannot read minds. That is why when it comes to writing essays on tests or examinations, it can be difficult to predict what the prompt will be about. Sometimes, it can be one large and complex questions while in others, it can be several more-or-less easy issues to solve. Most of the answers you can obtain from the grading rubric if you manage to read it at least once. We hope that these tips from university mentors and successful students will help with your upcoming tests and exams.

When the college or university tutors grade the works of their students, they stick to tiger academic writing standards and guidelines that evaluation developers have introduced and legalised. These guidelines are always and everywhere the same for all students. There are no exceptions so that every student feel equally responsible.

The primary goal of the tutor is to check whether the student managed to cover all of the questions. It’s a fact that many students skip some questions hoping that the grader will not notice it. You should answer each question in full and accurately. In other words, your reply must contain all the essential concepts or study guides from your lessons. A student has to show the necessary level of realisation and critical thinking. For instance, if your paper prompt tells to explain the causes and effects of tornados or another natural disaster, rather than merely defining the word or list the facts and statistics, a student should tell about all the effects and known consequences and explain the connected theories. If you need to analyse two theories, do not simply describe what they are about. Interweave both of them into a thoughtful evaluation and comparison (comparison always helps to understand things better).

Then, your professor would like to see a well-structured paper with the logically flown text. A piece of college or university level must be clear, concise, with no sever mistakes or even tiny typos. The severe errors include those associated with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and logic. Formatting also counts unless you write a reflective or personal essay. Try to follow the proper style and tone (it should be formal).

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind that Will Make Your Essay Excellent

Below, you can see several factors that can make your paper strong:

  • Look at the main question several times with all your attention. Do it at least two times.

Think about the number of parts you will have to include to answer the question in full. What does the question really ask about? It might be a good idea to involve some examples or recall facts or statistics in mind if you can remember some. Perhaps, you will have to identify concepts or use your skills and experience to solve a case. Finally, keep in mind the word count – all essays are limited in their length. Avoid wordiness in any case!

  • You will need a scrap paper to develop an essay outline.

Even if your instructor does not ask for one, do it for yourself not to get lost in your writing. Plan and arrange your ideas before starting to work on your piece. Define the paper’s intro, body, and conclusion. Decide on the basic argument, the supporting points/evidence, examples (if you can think about any), etc. Make sure you follow the outline when you begin to write. Rambling never helps to get the highest score!

  • Any teacher wants to see an efficient, thoughtful organisation.

If you have to write a brief essay of no longer than 500 words, make it focused and clear. Any essay should contain an introduction, body paragraphs (around three of them), and a conclusion. The ideas you include should be effective in creating the argument.

A Few Words about Online Exam Essay Writing

We believe that it is critical to recall online testing. Let us say, you have to accomplish the entire exam, including a mentorship essay, in online examination. Those who have been answering essay questions in the traditional way for ages may still have problems with doing so online. You will be limited by time as well. Keep in mind the key distinctions to come up with a good paper:

  • Many essays, especially lengthy ones (more than 1,000 words), make up their own part of an exam. After you finish a specific section of your examination, you will be proposed to click a Submit button. Watch out: in most situations, after clicking this button to move on, you won’t be able to get back to the previous par That means you will not be able to add something or check to fix mistakes. Review the essay to detect any errors or illogical fallacies to edit them before it is too late.
  • Each time you prepare an essay for a specific course testing, all you have is a text box to include your reply. In other words, you will use plain text. Plain text means that such things as formatting, word count, and spell check are not available. You should rely only on your skills. If you wish to indent the paragraphs (dividing academic papers into separate sections is a must), you will have to apply the space bar instead of the tab key.

The Best Place to Get Help From

That is basically all you have to know before facing your mentors and examination essays. If you are given somewhere around 3-6 hours to complete your online test, or you can take it home, we know how to guarantee the highest possible score for you. Meet your new friends and loyal helpers from GradeMiners.com. These essay writers and editors can either fix all the mistakes in your draft or compose an essay from scratch. While their prices are fair, the quality does not suffer. Thanks to their extra fast delivery, you can order an essay to be written in up to three hours!

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