Can’t Conceive a Proper Argumentative Essay Structure? We Could Help

As soon as students receive an argumentative essay assignment, they often underestimate the complexity associated with its completion. Postponing its completion until the very last moment, they often fall in despair when realizing how much time is needed to find a compelling argument, to find supportive evidence making it convincing and to complete the text itself. Thus, as it comes out in the process of preparation and writing, finishing a good argumentative essay is not as easy as it might seem.

As the argumentative essay definition suggests, this type of writing is meant to convince the audience of some position. To do so, you need to present both sides of the issue but focus on one side and defend your position to achieve persuasion. Thus, the argumentative essay structure may include the presentation of both conflicting perspectives on the issue to enlighten the reader about varying stances that exist, or the presentation of both sides with consequent argumentation of one side with stronger evidence.

Often used interchangeably with the argumentative persuasive essay, this assignment often presupposes a writing exercise for GED or GRE tests. This type of testing assignment is explained by the fact that its completion is quite labor-intensive. To write an excellent essay of this type, a student should conduct intensive research and study much previously published literature. Such an in-depth pre-writing research practice allows getting a clear idea of what experts in the subject area think of the issue of concern. By investigating the surveys, interviews, and experiments on the topic, you become a subject matter expert and can argue your position much better.

So, what’s the way out of a writing challenge in which many find themselves right on the eve of the assignment’s submission? It is useful to stay up all night composing the text that may turn out non-cohesive and chunky in the morning? We can offer an excellent alternative to those wishing not to deprive themselves of night sleep but still receive a high grade on the home task. Ordering assistance from our company, you always kill two birds with one stone – get more free time to attend to your studies and manage daily routines, while at the same time losing no points in the study record. Your academic reputation is intact, your night sleep is sufficient, and you are a happy, content, relaxed student. What can be better?

Get Assistance with an Argumentative Essay Introduction 24/7

The start of any essay is its face. In case you are unable to catch the readers’ attention in the first lines, they are unlikely to continue reading. Moreover, the argumentative essay introduction contains the main idea of the paper, so if you can’t show the proper understanding of your subject or if your intro differs from the body of the text, a poor grade is unavoidable. For this reason, investing an adequate amount of time and effort into crafting an impressive starting part of your paper is crucial for making the intended first impression on the reader.

So, the best way to start an argumentative essay is with a hook and by applying a set of tips for making your introductory part outstanding:

  • Include a strong thesis statement containing major ideas of your essay in a nutshell.
  • Pinpoint the research you did by enumerating ideas you will dwell upon in greater detail later.
  • Articulate your position on the argued issue right from the start.
  • Include a captivating hook for the reader to stay motivated to read on.
  • Make a well-designed transition from the introduction to the main body of the essay to make the paper cohesive.

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Low On Argumentative Essay Ideas? We’ll Cogitate One for You FREE

The problem most students come across when dealing with their assignments is a lack of inspiration at the starting point. Sometimes a complete absence of argumentative essay ideas spoils everything. You can’t move on as you have no concise thesis statement, don’t know which sources to look for in the library, and can’t draft a single sentence.

Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered. Our writers are eager to assist clients with argumentative writing, so even if you are ready to compose the paper on your own and need just some initial input for a quick jumpstart, we can assist. Due to our extensive expertise in the academic writing field, we can compose some argumentative essay titles quickly, and you know what? We can do it completely free of charge!

Look through the list of suggestions on this type of work prepared by our writers to help you not lose time on conceiving an idea, starting to write the paper right away instead:

  • Tests like the ACT and SAT should be abandoned because they are ineffective in student knowledge assessment.
  • Education should be made free for everyone across the globe.
  • Human weight and nutrition are not as strongly connected as people assume.
  • Anorexia is a new public health burden of modernity.
  • Tobacco sales and smoking should be made illegal.
  • Electric cars are not a solution to the global pollution problem.
  • Globalisation is a negative global trend and should be averted to save the humanity from major contemporary crises.
  • The Third World War is already in progress.
  • Violent video games are the primary cause of school shootings.
  • Modern technology use should be controlled as it is degrading for humans.
  • Working hours have to be made flexible for most professions.
  • Any profession is ideal if you have a passion for it.

These are just a couple of topic samples on which our writers have already written excellent argumentative pieces in the past. You may use them to develop a convincing argument or look at them as a source of additional inspiration to craft your topic.

Composing an Argumentative Essay Outline Professionally

Not all students can start writing right away, and that’s understandable. If you feel a lack of comprehensive understanding at the initial stage of the writing process, it’s much better to organize all parts of the argument into a consistent whole before proceeding to the composition. And that’s best accomplished with the help of a meaningful, detailed argumentative essay outline. What should it include, and how is it helpful?

  • Outlining is invaluable for the main points’ categorisation.
  • It helps organise paragraphs consistently.
  • It ensures you do not repeat the same ideas in various parts of the essay.
  • It assists in the full development of each section.
  • It guarantees you don’t get stuck in the middle of your piece with no idea of what to write further.

If you wish to complete your assignment on your own but lack the vision and roadmap for the composition, you can order an outline from our experts. The professional writers of our company will research your subject, study the latest reliable evidence published on the topic, and will compose a coherent, logical, and detailed outline to guide your writing. Contact us today to get assistance with this stage of argumentative composition, and you will see that the writing progresses much more smoothly and quickly with such a solid basis.

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  1. A properly formatted title page.
  2. A well-written essay with a clear, well-defined, and concise thesis statement.
  3. Transitions between major essay parts.
  4. Full, complete paragraphs with strong evidential support for the major argument.
  5. An insightful conclusion.

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